128GB microSD card 

ArkOS & EmulationStation

Volume control

Earphone jack

Adjustable screen brightness

3.5" IPS screen 480x320 resolution

6 hours battery life (variable on use)

USB charging cable

Wireless adapter

Dual analog sticks

FREE Screen protector and WiFi dongle

​Games and systems as per games list



Choose from 3 different colours

Beautiful user interface to browse games

Favourites list

Easy skip long games lists by letter

Artwork and video snaps for games

Video screensaver allowing you to instantly play the game you're watching!

Save/load game progress

USB port to connect peripherals such as a keyboard!

Mouse control with analog stick


Any titles are included for free with all intent and purpose of providing "back up" copies to already owned software or that is no longer in production, available for purchase, or from developers and/or publishers which cease to exist. We do not charge for any software, and prices are solely based on hardware and building labour only.

RG351P Handheld 128GB

  • 6 Months