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007 - A View to a Kill (1985)(Domark)
007 - Licence to Kill (1989)(Domark)[cr CACH]
007 - Live and Let Die (1988)(Domark)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]
007 - The Living Daylights (1987)(Domark)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]
007 - The Spy Who Loved Me (1990)(Domark)[cr NPS][t +2 NPS]
10th Frame (1986)(US Gold)
12 Lost Souls (1987)(Len Townsend)
180 (1986)(Mastertronic Added Dimension)[cr Section Jaguar]
1942 (1986)(Elite Systems)
1943 - The Battle of Midway (1988)(Go!)[cr XOR][t XOR]
1st Division Manager (1991)(Codemasters)[cr The Equalizor]
2 Player Soccer Squad (1986)(Cult Games)
2088 (1988)(Zeppelin Games)
2112 AD (1986)(Design Design Software)(M4)[cr NPS]
3D Grand Prix (1985)(Amsoft)
3D Monster Chase (1984)(Romik Software)
3D Pool (1989)(Firebird Software)(Disk 1 of 2)
3D Pool (1989)(Firebird Software)[cr Steel McKraken - Exocet]
3D Quark Invaders (1985)(Quark Data - Amsoft)
3D Quasars (1985)(Solar Software)[t]
3D Starfigther (1988)(Codemasters)[cr NPS][t NPS]
3D Starstrike (1985)(Realtime Games Software)
3D Stunt Rider (1985)(DJL Software - Amsoft)
3D Time Trek (1985)(Anirog Software)
3D Voicechess (1985)(CP Software)
3DC (1987)(Encore)
4 Soccer Simulators (1989)(Codemasters Gold)
4th Protocol, The (1986)(Century Communications)
4x4 Off-Road Racing (1988)(US Gold)[cr Le Fay][t Le Fay]
500cc Grand Prix 2 (1991)(Microids)
5CLS (19xx)(-)
5th Axis, The (1985)(Loriciels)
5th Quadrant, The (1987)(Bubblebus Software)
7 Card Stud (1986)(Martech Games)
720 Degrees (1986)(US Gold)[cr Mc Spe]
750cc Grand Prix (1989)(Codemasters)[cr Two Mag]
Academy - Tau Ceti II (1987)(CRL Group)
ACE - Air Combat Emulator (1986)(Cascade Games)[cr Nul Part System]
ACE 2 - The Ultimate Head to Head Conflict (1987)(Cascade Games)
Ace of Aces (1986)(US Gold)
Acro Jet (1986)(US Gold)
Action Fighter (1989)(Firebird Software)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]
Action Force (1988)(Virgin Games)
Action Service (1988)(Cobra Soft)[cpm version]
Activator (1986)(Cascade Games)
Addams Family, The (1991)(Ocean Software)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Adidas Championship Tie-Break (1990)(Ocean Software)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Admiral Graf Spee (1984)(Temptation Software - Amsoft)
Adult One (19xx)(Simon Avery)
Adult Two (1990)(Simon Avery)
Advanced Pinball Simulator (1988)(Codemasters)[t]
Advanced Tactical Fighter (1988)(Digital Integration)[cr Mc Spe]
Adventure A - The Planet of Death (1985)(Artic Computing)
Adventure B - Inca Curse (1985)(Artic Computing)
Adventure C - The Ship of Doom (1985)(Artic Computing)
Adventure D - Espionage Island (1985)(Artic Computing)
Adventures of Basildon Bond, The (1986)(Probe Software)
African Trail Simulator (1990)(Positive)[t]
After Shock (1986)(Interceptor Micros Software)
After the War (1989)(Dinamic Software)[cr The Dog - Antifaz]
Afterburner (1988)(Activision)[cr CACH][t Celtic Gang]
Aftermath (1988)(Alternative Software)[cr NPS][t NPS]
Agent Orange (1987)(A & F Software)[cr Mc Spe]
Agent-X II (1987)(Mastertronic)[t]
Ahhh!! (1985)(CRL Group)
Airballs (1989)(Playfield)
Airborne Ranger (1988)(Microprose Software)(Disk 1 of 2)
Airwolf (1985)(Elite Systems - Amsoft)[cr XOR][t +3 XOR]
Airwolf II (1987)(Encore)[t]
Aladdin's Cave (1985)(Artic Computing)
Alex Higgins World Pool (1985)(Amsoft)
Alex Higgins World Snooker (1985)(Amsoft)
Alien (1985)(Mind Games)
Alien 8 (1985)(Ultimate Play The Game)
Alien Attack (1988)(Mr. X)
Alien Break-In (1985)(Romik Software - Amsoft)
Alien Highway - Encounter 2 (1986)(Vortex Software)
Alien Intervention (1986)(Sean McManus)
Alien Storm (1991)(US Gold)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]
Alien Syndrome (1987)(ACE Software)
Aliens (1986)(Electric Dreams Software)[cr Hor Tax]
Aliens US (1987)(Electric Dreams Software)[cr Maze Softs]
Alkahera (1985)(Rino Marketing)
All Point Bulletin (1989)(Domark)[cr Jupiter]
Alpine Games (1987)(Atlantis Software)
Al-Strad (1985)(Rhinosoft)
Altered Beast (1989)(Activision)[cr GPA][t GPA]
Amaurote (1987)(Mastertronic Added Dimension)
American Football (1984)(Mind Games)
American Tag Team Wrestling (1992)(Zeppelin Games)
American Tag Team Wrestling (1992)(Zeppelin Games)[master disk 1]
American Turbo King (1989)(Virgin Mastertronic)[t]
America's Cup Challenge (1986)(Armchair Entertainment)
Amsgolf (1984)(Amsoft)
Amsoccer (1986)(Amsoft)
Amstrad Shuffle (1986)(Alpha Omega Software)
Amstroids (1985)(CPC Computing)
Anarchy (1987)(Rack-It)[cr Mc Spe]
Android 2 (1985)(Vortex Software)[t]
Android One - The Reactor Run (1985)(Vortex Software)[t +2]
Angelique - A Grief Encounter (1985)(Nemesis)
Animal Vegetable Mineral (1984)(Amsoft)
Apprentice, The (1986)(Mastertronic)[t +2]
Arachnophobia (1991)(Titus)(M5)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]
Arcade Flight Simulator (1989)(Codemasters)
Arcade Trivia Quiz Simulator (1989)(Zeppelin Games)[cr The Saurian]
Arcade Trivia Quiz Simulator (1989)(Zeppelin Games)[master disk 1]
Archers, The (1987)(Mosaic Publishing)
Archon (1988)(Electronic Arts)
Archon II - Adept (1989)(Electronic Arts)
Arctic Fox (1988)(Electronic Arts)[cr Two Mag]
Argo Navis (1985)(Kuma Computers)
Arkanoid (1987)(Imagine Software)[cr GPA][t +3 GPA]
Arkanoid Construction Set (1987)(Imagine Software)
Arkanoid II - Revenge of Doh (1988)(Imagine Software)
Arkanoid III - Doh Strikes Again (1988)(John Mug)
Arkanoid III - The Last Chance (1993)(Hydris)
Arkanoid IV (1988)(John Mug)
Arkanoid V (1988)(John Mug)
Armageddon Man, The (1987)(Martech Games)
Army Moves (1986)(Dinamic Software)[t]
Arnold Goes to Somewhere Else (1984)(Nemesis)
Arnold in the Haunted House (1985)(C. Wakelin)
Artura (1989)(Gremlin Graphics Software)
Ashkeron (1985)(Mirrorsoft)
Aspar GP Master (1988)(Dinamic Software)
Assault Course (1990)(Players Premier Software)[cr JLCS]
Assault Port Stanley (1985)(Amsoft)
Asterix and the Magic Cauldron (1986)(Melbourne House)
Astro Attack (1984)(Amsoft)
Astro Marine Corps (1989)(Dinamic Software)[cr Two Mag][t Two Mag]
Astro Plumber (1985)(Blue Ribbon Software)
Astroball (1988)(The Power House)
Atland Preview (19xx)(Ams'Dem)
Atlantis (1985)(Anirog Software)
Atom Ant (1990)(Hi-Tec Software)[cr Tom & Jerry][t +3 Tom & Jerry]
Atom Smasher (1985)(Romik Software - Amsoft)
Atomic (1992)(Fraggle and Duck)[extended version]
Atomic Battle (1988)(R.A. Waddilove)[cr Leo]
Atomic Driver (1988)(Loriciels)
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes (1986)(Global Software)[t +2]
ATV Simulator (1988)(Codemasters)[t]
Au Revoir Monty (1987)(Gremlin Graphics Software)[cr Two Mag][t]
Auf Wiedersehen Monty (1987)(Gremlin Graphics Software)
Aussie Safari (1990)(Beam Software)[cr Kino & Hufo]
Australian Rules Football (1989)(Again Again)[cr SACS]
Avenger (1986)(Gremlin Graphics Software)
Axys - The Last Battle (1991)(CPC Infos)
Ayo - The Game of Africa (19xx)(D.J. Bishop)
B.A.T. (1991)(Ubi Soft)(Disk 1 of 4)
Baby Jo - Going Home (1991)(Imagine Software)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]
Baca (1998)(Drazen)
Bachou (1985)(Z. Karim)[t]
Back to Reality (1986)(Mastertronic)[t]
Back to the Future (1985)(Electric Dreams Software)
Back to the Future II (1990)(Image Works)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr Crackponx]
Back to the Future III (1991)(Image Works)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Backgammon (1985)(CP Software)
Bad Cat (1987)(Rainbow Arts)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr CACH]
Badlands (1990)(Domark)
Ball Bearing (1993)(Radical Software)
Ball Breaker (1987)(CRL Group)[cr Chti Crack Band]
Ball Breaker II (1988)(CRL Group)[t +2]
Ball Crazy (1987)(Mastertronic Added Dimension)[t +3]
Ballblazer (1986)(Activision)
Balldozer (1991)(Jeroen Erkens)
Balloon Buster (1989)(Blue Ribbon Software)
Ballyhoo (1986)(Infocom)[cpm version]
Balrog (1987)(Amstrad Action Magazine)
Bangers & Mash (1990)(Alternative Software)[cr Nul Part System]
Barbarian (1988)(Melbourne House)[cr ACS]
Barbarian II - The Dungeon of Drax (1989)(Palace Software)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]
Barbarian Part 2 (1988)(Georgessoft)
Barbarian Part 3 (1988)(Des Soft)
Bard's Tale (1988)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 1 of 2)
Barrier Reef (1987)(John House)
Barry Mc Guigan's Boxing (1985)(Activision)
Base, The (1985)(K.N. Bond)[cpm version]
Basil - The Great Mouse Detective (1987)(Gremlin Graphics Software)[t]
Basun (1986)(-)
Batman - The Caped Crusader (1988)(Ocean Software)
Batman (1986)(Ocean Software)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]
Battle Beyond the Stars (1985)(Solar Software)
Battle Command (1991)(Ocean Software)(Disk 1 of 2)
Battle of the Bulge (1990)(CCS)[cr NPS]
Battle of the Planets (1986)(Mikro-Gen)
Battle Ships (1988)(Encore)
Battle Spheres (1994)(The Firm)
Battle Tank Simulator (1985)(Design Design Software)[cr NPS][t NPS]
Battle Valley (1988)(Rack-It)[cr MKS]
Batty (1987)(Hit-Pak)[t]
Beach Buggy Simulator (1988)(Silverbird Software)[cr The Dog]
Beach Volley (1989)(Ocean Software)[t +2]
Beach-Head (1985)(US Gold)[cr Bitkiller]
Beach-Head II - The Dictator Strikes Back! (1986)(US Gold)
Beast (1990)(Gremlin Graphics Software)(Disk 1 of 2)
Beat the Clock (19xx)(Amsoft)
Bedlam (1988)(Go!)[cr Mc Spe]
Beer Hunter, The (1987)(Global Software)
Beetle Mania (1985)(Skyline Software)
Bells, The (1986)(Blaby Computer Games)
Berks III (1985)(The Power House)
Best of the Best (1992)(Loriciels)
Bestiary (1987)(P. Williams)
Beverly Hills Cop (1990)(Paramount)[cr Nul Part System][t Nul Part System]
Beyond the Ice Palace (1988)(Elite Systems)[cr ACE][t ACE]
Biff (1992)(Beyond Belief)
Big League Soccer (1985)(Viper)
Big League Soccer 2 (1985)(Viper)
Big Screen Hero (1988)(Skyslip Computers)[t]
Big Sleaze, The (1987)(Piranha)
Big Trouble in Little China (1986)(Electric Dreams Software)
Bigfoot (1988)(Codemasters)
Biggles (1986)(Mirrorsoft)
Bigtop Barney (1986)(Players Software)
Billy 2 (1987)(Loriciels)
Billy the Kid (1989)(Virgin Mastertronic)
Binky (1985)(Neil Kolban)
Bio Spheres (1988)(Firebird Software)[cr ACS][t ACS]
Bionic Commando (1988)(Go!)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]
Bionic Ninja (1989)(Zeppelin Games)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]
Birdie (1987)(Stephane Picq)[cr Mc Spe]
Black Fountain (1987)(Incentive Software)
Black Land v1.0 (1998)(Bollaware)(Disk 1 of 4)
Black Magic (1987)(US Gold)[cr Best and Chris]
Black Tiger (1989)(US Gold)[cr CBS][t CBS]
Blackbeard (1988)(Topo Soft)[t +2]
Blade Runner (1986)(CRL Group)
Blade Warrior (1989)(Codemasters)[t +2]
Blagger (1985)(Alligata Software - Amsoft)
Blasteroids (1987)(Image Works)[cr Mc Spe]
Blazing Thunder (1990)(Hi-Tec Software)[cr GPA][t GPA]
Blip! (1989)(Silverbird Software)
Block Invaders (2002)(Richard Wilson)
Blockbusters (1984)(Macsen Software)
Blokker (1985)(CT)
Blood Brothers (1988)(Gremlin Graphics Software)[cpm version]
Blood Valley (1987)(Gremlin Graphics Software)(M3)
Bloodwych (1990)(Image Works)[cr CBS]
Blue Crystal, The (1985)(Rainbow Arts)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr NPS]
Blue Tomb (1986)(ICS)
Blues Brothers, The (1991)(Titus)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]
Blue-War (1987)(First Game Blot)
BMX Freestyle (1989)(Codemasters)
BMX Kidz (1988)(Firebird Software)
BMX Ninja (1988)(Alternative Software)[cr Matias Sabadel]
BMX Simulator (1987)(Codemasters)
BMX Simulator 2 (1989)(Codemasters)
Bob Morane - Jungle 1 (1987)(Infogrames)[cr Best & Chris]
Bob Morane (1988)(Infogrames)[cr Best & Chris]
Bob Winner (1986)(Loriciels)(Disk 1 of 2)
Bobby Bearing (1986)(The Edge Software)
Bob's Full House (1988)(Domark)[cr CBS]
Bobsleigh (1987)(Digital Integration)[cr Mc Spe]
Boggit, The (1986)(CRL Group)
Boinggg (19xx)(Atlantis Software)
Bomb Jack (1986)(Elite Systems)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Bomb Jack II (1987)(Elite Systems)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Bombarderos (1990)(Amstrad Users)
Bombfusion (1989)(Virgin Mastertronic)[cr NPS][t +2 NPS]
Bombscare (1986)(Firebird Software)
Bonanza Bros (1991)(US Gold)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Bonz (19xx)(CPC Oxygen)
Bonzo Meddler (19xx)(Nemesis)
Book of the Dead (1987)(CRL Group)
Booly (1991)(Loriciels)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]
Booty (1984)(Firebird Software)[cr Nobody]
Bored of the Rings (1985)(Silversoft)
Boredom (1990)(Simon Avery)
Bosconian '87 (1987)(Mastertronic)
Boulder Crash (19xx)(-)
Boulder Dash - Construction Kit (1986)(Hi-Tec Software)[cr The Happy Cracker]
Boulder Dash (1984)(Prism Leisure)[cr FMR]
Boulder Dash II - Rockford's Riot (1985)(Prism Leisure)
Boulder Dash III (1986)(Prism Leisure)
Boulder Dash VI (1986)(Hi-Tec Software)
Bounder (1986)(Gremlin Graphics Software)[cr Redpoint]
Bounty Bob Strikes Back (1985)(US Gold)
Bounty Hunter (1989)(Codemasters)[cr Fleemard][t Fleemard]
Boy Racer (1987)(Alligata Software)
Brainache (1987)(Codemasters)
BraveStarr (1987)(Go!)[cr Mc Spe]
Braxx Bluff (1985)(Micromega - Amsoft)
Breakthru (1986)(US Gold)
Brian Bloodaxe (1985)(The Edge Software)
Brian Jacks Superstar Challenge (1985)(Martech Games)
Bride of Frankenstein (1988)(39 Steps)
Bridge Player 3 (1985)(CP Software)
Bridge-It (1984)(Amsoft)
Bronx Street Cop (1989)(Virgin Mastertronic)
Bruce Lee (1984)(US Gold)[t]
Bubble Bobble (1987)(Firebird Software)[cr Enrique Soft]
Bubble Bobble 2 (1988)(Saturn-Soft)[h Ulf W.]
Bubble Dizzy (1991)(Codemasters)[cr GPA][t GPA]
Bubbler (1987)(Ultimate Play The Game)[t +3]
Budokan (1991)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 1 of 2)
Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show (1989)(Tynesoft)[cr The 42-Crew]
Buggy Boy (1988)(Elite Systems)[t]
Bugsy (1986)(CRL Group)
Bulls Eye (1985)(Macsen Software)
Bump, Set, Spike! (1986)(Entertainment USA)
Bumpy's Arcade Fantasy (1992)(Loriciels)[cr NPS][t NPS]
Bunny Bricks (1992)(Silmarils)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Bust Out (19xx)(-)
Buster Block (1986)(Kuma Computers)
Butcher Hill (1988)(Gremlin Graphics Software)[cr TB Crackers][t +6 TB Crackers]
Buzzlines (19xx)(-)
By Fair Means or Foul (1989)(Superior Software)
Cabal (1988)(Ocean Software)[cr NPS][t +3 NPS]
Caecilia Metalla (1994)(J. Moulding)
California Games (1987)(US Gold)(Disk 1 of 2)
Camelot Warriors (1986)(Dinamic Software)[t]
Can I Cheat the Death (1990)(Simon Avery)
Captain America - Defies the Doom Tube (1988)(Go!)[cr Mc Spe]
Captain Blood (1988)(Exxos)(M5)[cr Mc Spe]
Captain Dynamo (1992)(Codemasters)[t +2]
Captain Kidd (1985)(Bug-Byte Software)
Captain Planet (1990)(Mindscape International)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]
Carrier Command (1989)(Rainbird Software)
Case of the Obscene Mural, The (1986)(Encief Routines)
Castle Assault (1985)(Blue Ribbon Software)
Castle Blackstar (1984)(SCR Adventures)
Castle Master (1990)(Domark)(M3)
Castle Master II - The Crypt (1990)(Domark)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Castle of the Skull Lord (1984)(Samurai Software)
Catch 23 (1987)(Martech Games)
Cauldron (1985)(Palace Software)
Cauldron II - The Pumpkin Strikes Back (1986)(Palace Software)[t +2]
Cava Peter Zorglub (19xx)(-)
Caverns of Mars (1985)(A. Bolton)
Caves of Bewbews (1990)(E. Spicer)
Caves of Darkness (1991)(Emma Kingsmill)
Caves of Doom (1985)(Mastertronic)
Cavmania (1991)(Atlantis Software)[t +2]
Centipods (1987)(A. Chapman)
Centre Court Tennis (1985)(Amsoft)
Centurions (1987)(Reaktor)
Cerberus (1986)(Players Software)
Cessna over Moscow (1987)(Hitech Soft)[cr CBS]
Chain Reaction (1988)(Durell Software)
Challenge of the Gobots (1987)(Reaktor)[t +2]
Championship Baseball (1987)(Gamestar)
Championship Jet Ski Simulator (1989)(Codemasters)
Championship Sprint (1988)(Electric Dreams Software)[cr Mc Spe]
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (1985)(F. Alon)
Chase H.Q. (1989)(Ocean Software)[t +2]
Chessmaster 2000, The (1990)(Ubi Soft)
Chicago 90 (1989)(Mircroids)[cr XOR]
Chickin Chase (1985)(Firebird Software)
Chiller (1986)(Mastertronic)[cr Les Shadocks][t Les Shadocks]
Chimera (1985)(Firebird Software)
Chip's Challenge (1990)(US Gold)[cr NPS][t +2 NPS]
Cholo (1987)(Firebird Software)
Chomper (19xx)(Paul Stanley)
Chopper Squad (1985)(Interceptor Micros Software)
Chronos (1987)(S. Tatlock - M. Wilson - J.Tatlock)
Chubby Gristle (1988)(Grandslam Entertainments)
Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer (1989)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 1 of 2)
Chuckie Egg (1985)(A & F Software)
Chuckie Egg 2 (1985)(A & F Software)[cr Les Shadocks][t Les Shadocks]
Cid, El (1987)(Dro Soft)[cr NPS]
Cisco Heat (1991)(Image Works)[cr Genesis][t Genesis]
City for Ransom (1987)(J. Packham)
City Slicker (1986)(Hewson Consultants)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Clasic Tenis (1989)(Amstrad USer Club)
Classic Adventure (1984)(Abersoft - Amsoft)
Classic Axiens (1988)(Bubblebus Software)[cr Chti Crack Band]
Classic Invaders (1986)(Bubblebus Software)[t +2]
Classic Muncher (1987)(Bubblebus Software)
Classic Racing (1985)(Amsoft)
Classic Trainer (1989)(G.T.I.)
Clever & Smart (1988)(Magic Bytes)(M3)[cr Fafhrd]
Climbit (1984)(Tynesoft)
Cluedo (1985)(Leisure Genius)
Cobra (1987)(Ocean Software)
Cobra Force (1989)(Players Premier Software)[cr NPS][t +4]
Codename Mat (1984)(Micromega - Amsoft)
Codename Mat II (1984)(Domark)
Coliseum (1990)(Black System)[t]
Collapse (1985)(Firebird Software)
Colony (1987)(Bulldog)
Colosal Piramide (1994)(Definitive Software)
Colossus 4 Bridge (1986)(CDS Microsystems)[cr NPS]
Colossus 4 Chess (1986)(CDS Microsystems)
Colossus Backgammon (19xx)(CDS Microsystems)
Colossus Mahjong (1988)(CDS Microsystems)[cpm version]
Colour of Magic, The (1986)(Piranha)
Comando Tracer (1989)(Dinamic Software)[t +2]
Combat Lynx (1985)(Durell Software)
Combat School (1987)(Ocean Software)[cr El Rastro][t El Rastro]
Combat Zone Mentor (1988)(Alternative Software)
Comet Encounter (1986)(LiveWire Software)[t]
Comet Game, The (1986)(Firebird Software)[cr GPA]
Commando - Space Invasion (1985)(Elite Systems)
Commando (1985)(Elite Systems)[t]
Commonwealth Games (1986)(Tynesoft)[cr D.V.D.H.]
Computer Maniac's Diary (1988)(Domark)
Computer Scrabble (1987)(Leisure Genius)
Confuzion (1985)(Incentive Software)
Con-Quest (1986)(Mastertronic Added Dimension)[t]
Continental Circus (1989)(Virgin Mastertronic)
Contraption (1985)(Audiogenic Software)
Convoy Raider (1987)(Gremlin Graphics Software)[cr Chan-Chan]
Cop-Out (1986)(Mikro-Gen)[cr XOR][t XOR]
CORE - Cybernetic Organism Recovery Expedition (1986)(A & F Software)
Corridor Conflict (19xx)(Paul Shafi)
Corruption (1988)(Rainbird Software)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr Celtic Gang]
Corsarios (1988)(Opera Soft)[cr The Spanish Hacker & Steel Mc Kraken][t]
Cosmic Shock Absurber (1987)(Martech Games)
Cosmos (1989)(Black System)
Costa Capers (1985)(Firebird Software)
Count Duckula (1989)(Alternative Software)[cr CBS]
Count Duckula 2 (1992)(Alternative Software)[cr NPS][t NPS]
Countdown (19xx)(-)
Country Cottages (1984)(Sterling Software)
Covenant, The (1985)(PSS)
Cowboy Kidz (1990)(Byte-Back)[cr CBS]
CPC Invaders (1993)(STS Software)
Crack Down (1990)(US Gold)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr Crackponx]
Crack-Up (1989)(Atlantis Software)
Crafton & Xunk (1986)(ERE Informatique)(M3)
Crawler (19xx)(-)
Crazy Ball (1992)(CPC Info - Golden Brothers)
Crazy Cars II (1989)(Titus)[cr The 3 Amigos]
Crazy Fruit (19xx)(Wendos PDS)
Crazy Golf (1984)(Mr. Micro - Amsoft)
Crazy Shoot (1989)(Loriciels)[cr XOR]
Crazy Snake (1992)(Fraggle and Duck)
Crazy Worm (1995)(Softice)[t]
Cricket Captain (1985)(Allanson Computing)
Cricket Master (1987)(E&J Software)
Cricket-Crazy (1988)(The Dreaming Djinn)
Critical Mass (1985)(Durell Software)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]
Crossfire (1991)(Atlantis Software)[t]
Crystal Castles (1986)(US Gold)
Crystal Mission (1993)(Andreas Stroizcek)
Crystal Theft (1984)(Wicca Soft)
Cubewars (1989)(Beffer Soft)
Cubit (1985)(Mr. Micro - Amsoft)
Curse of Sherwood, The (1987)(Mastertronic)[t]
Cursed be the City (1987)(Incantation)
Custard Pie Factory (1985)(Tynesoft)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Cutthroats (1984)(Infocom)[cpm version]
Cyber Power (1992)(Michel Salvado)
Cyber Tennis (1997)(Wendos PDS)
Cyberball - Footballer in the 21st Century (1990)(Domark)
Cyberbig (1989)(Animagic)[cr Joreal]
Cyberboy (1995)(Sheepsoft)[t +2]
Cybernoid - The Fighting Machine (1988)(Hewson Consultants)[cr Aragorn][t +3 Aragorn]
Cybernoid II - The Revenge (1988)(Hewson Consultants)[cr Aragorn][t +3 Aragorn]
Cycit (1986)(Bug-Byte Software)
Cycles, The (1989)(Accolade)[cr XOR]
Cylu (1985)(Firebird Software)
Cyrus II (1985)(Intelligent Software - Amsoft)
D.C.A. (1991)(Tropic Soft)
Daleks (19xx)(-)
Daley Thompson's Decathlon (1985)(Ocean Software)
Daley Thompson's Olympic Challenge (1988)(Ocean Software)
Daley Thompson's Supertest (1985)(Ocean Software)[cr NPS]
Dam Busters, The (1986)(US Gold)
Dan Dare - Pilot of the Future (1986)(Virgin Games)
Dan Dare II - Mekon's Revenge (1988)(Virgin Games)[cr Playboy]
Dan Dare III - The Escape (1990)(Virgin Games)
Dan Dare III - The Escape (1990)(Virgin Games)[cr TB Crackers][t +3 TB Crackers]
Dandy (1987)(Electric Dreams Software)[cr SAS]
Danger Mouse in Double Trouble (1985)(Creative Sparks)
Danger Mouse in Making Whoopee! (1985)(Creative Sparks)
Danger Street (1987)(Chip)
Danger! Adventurer at Work! (1991)(WoW Software)
Dark Century (1989)(Titus)[cr TB Crackers][t TB Crackers]
Dark Fusion (1988)(Gremlin Graphics Software)
Dark Power (1989)(Black System)
Dark Sceptre (1987)(Firebird Software)
Dark Side (1988)(Incentive Software)
Dark Star (1985)(Design Design Software)
Darkman (1991)(Ocean Software)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Darkwurlde (1986)(Top Ten Software)[t +2 PJM]
Darts (1986)(Alligata Software)
Dash (19xx)(H. Meiler)
Dawnssley (1987)(Top Ten Software)
Deactivators (1986)(Reaktor)
Dead or Alive (1987)(Alternative Software)[t]
Deadline (1982)(Infocom)[cpm version]
Deadly Evil (1990)(Players Premier Software)[cr GPA]
Death or Glory (1987)(CRL Group)
Death Pit (1984)(Durell Software)
Death Stalker (1989)(Codemasters)[cr Tom & Jerry][t Tom & Jerry]
Death Wish 3 (1987)(Gremlin Graphics Software)
Death's Ticket (1990)(R.O.S. Soft)
Deathsville (1986)(Bubblebus Software)
Deep Strike (1986)(Durell Software)
Deep, The (1989)(US Gold)[cr Jose & Jorge]
Defcom (1986)(Quicksilva)[cr Redpoint]
Defcom 1 (1989)(Iber Soft)[cr Steel McKracken]
Defend or Die (1985)(Alligata Software)
Deflektor (1987)(Gremlin Graphics Software)[cr XOR][t +3 XOR]
Demineur (1993)(GPA)
Demon Attack (1986)(Rakoko)
Demon's Revenge (1988)(Firebird Software)
Dervish (1989)(The Power House)[cr ZED the Elf - Caloundra Cracking]
Desert Fox (1986)(US Gold)
Desolator (1986)(US Gold)[cr NPS]
Despotik Design (1987)(ERE Informatique)(M3)
Detective (1984)(Argus Press Software - Amsoft)
Devil Highway (1987)(L.M.C. Software)
Devil's Crown, The (1985)(Mastertronic)
Diamond Mine (1986)(Blue Ribbon Software)
Diamond Trap (19xx)(-)
Dick Tracy (1990)(Titus)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]
Die Alien Slime (1989)(Mastertronic Plus)[cr GPA]
Digger Barnes (1985)(K. Spinner)
Disc (1990)(Pharao)[cr GPA][t GPA]
Dive-Dive-Dive (1987)(Tynesoft)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Dizzy - Amstrad Action Special Edition (1988)(Codemasters - Amstrad Action Magazine)[t]
Dizzy - Down the Rapids (1991)(Codemasters)[cr The Equalizor]
Dizzy - The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure (1987)(Codemasters)[t]
Dizzy Dice (1987)(Players Software)[cr NPS]
Dizzy II - Treasure Island Dizzy (1988)(Codemasters)[t]
Dizzy III - Fantasy World Dizzy (1989)(Codemasters)[t]
Dizzy IV - Magicland Dizzy (1989)(Mastertronic)[t]
Dizzy V - Spellbound Dizzy (1991)(Codemasters)[cr NPS][t NPS]
Dizzy VI - Prince of the Yolkfolk (1991)(Codemasters)[t]
Dizzy VII - Crystal Kingdom Dizzy (1992)(Codemasters)[cr The Equalizor]
DJ Puff (1992)(Codemasters)[t +3]
Doctor Who and the Mines of Terror (1986)(Micro Power)
Dodgy Geezers (1986)(Lever - Jones)
Dogfight 2187 (1987)(Starlight Software)
Dogsbody to the Rescue (1985)(Bug-Byte Software)
Dominator (1989)(Electric Dreams Software)[t]
Dominoes (1987)(Blue Ribbon Software)
Donald's Alphabet Chase (1988)(Westwood Associates)(M5)
Donkey Kong (1986)(Ocean Software)
Don't Panic (1985)(Firebird Software)
Doodle Bug (1987)(Players Software)[cr Snopsoft]
Doomlords (1988)(Simon Avery)
Doomsdark's Revenge (1985)(Beyond Software)
Doomsday Blues (1985)(ERE Informatique)
Doors of Doom (1985)(Amsoft)
Doppleganger (1985)(Alligata Software)
Dora (1988)(Acocsoft)(ru)
Double Dragon (1988)(Mastertronic Plus)[cr TB Crackers][t +3 TB Crackers]
Double Dragon II - The Revenge (1989)(Virgin Mastertronic)[cr XOR][t +3 XOR]
Double Dragon III - The Rosetta Stone (1991)(Storm Software)[cr XOR][t +3 XOR]
Dr. Doom's Revenge (1989)(Empire Software)(M4)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]
Dr. Jackle and Mr. Wide (1987)(Bulldog)
Dr. Scrimes Spook School (1988)(Mastertronic)
Dracula (1986)(CRL Group)[cr Falcon Hacker]
Dragon Breed (1989)(Activision)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]
Dragon Ninja (1988)(Imagine Software)[cr GPA][t GPA]
Dragon Spirit (1989)(Domark)[cr XOR][t +3 XOR]
Dragon World (1989)(Rickitt Educational Media)(Disk 1 of 2)
Dragon's Gold (1985)(Amsoft)
Dragon's Lair (1986)(Software Projects)
Dragon's Lair II - Escape from Singe's Castle (1987)(Software Projects)[cr NPS][t NPS]
Dragons of Flame (1990)(US Gold)[cr GPA][t GPA]
Dragontorc (1985)(Hewson Consultants)
Dream Warrior (1988)(US Gold)[cr Exocet]
Driller (1987)(Incentive Software)
Dripzone v3 (1987)(Potplant Productions)
Druid (1986)(Firebird Software)[t]
Druids Moon (1987)(Alternative Software)
Duct, The (1988)(Gremlin Graphics Software)
Duet - Commando '87 (1987)(Elite Systems)
Dun Darach (1985)(Gargoyle Games)
Dungeons, Amethysts, Alchemists (1987)(Atlantis Software)
Dynamic Duo (1989)(Firebird Software)
Dynamite Dan (1985)(Mirrorsoft)
Dynamite Dan II - Dr. Blitzen and the Islands of Arcanum (1986)(Mirrorsoft)
Dynamite Duex (1989)(Activision)[cr Black][t Black]
Dynamix (1989)(Virgin Mastertronic)
Dynasty Wars (1990)(US Gold)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]
Eagle's Rider (1990)(Microids)
Echelon (1988)(US Gold)
Edd the Duck (1990)(Impulze)[t]
Eidolon, The (1986)(Activision)
Electric Wonderland (1986)(ERE Informatique)
Electro Freddy (1984)(Amsoft)
Elektra Glide (1986)(English Software)
Elevator Action (1987)(Quicksilva)
Elidon (1985)(Orpheus)
Eliminator (1988)(Hewson Consultants)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]
Elite (1985)(Firebird Software)
Elven Warrior (1989)(Players Premier Software)[cr Tom & Jerry]
Emerald Isle (1985)(Level 9 Computing)
Emlyn Hughes International Soccer (1988)(Audiogenic Software)
E-Motion (1990)(US Gold)[cr The Dog][t Ankh]
Empty Tummy (1987)(First Byte Software)[t]
Enchanter (1984)(Infocom)[cpm version]
End Zone (1989)(Alternative Software)
Endurance (1986)(CRL Group)
Enduro Racer (1987)(Activision)
Energy Warrior (1987)(Mastertronic)
Enlightment (1988)(Firebird Software)[cr Mc Spe]
Enterprise (1987)(Melbourne House)[cr GPA]
Equinox (1986)(Mikro-Gen)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]
Er-Bert (1984)(Microbyte Software)
Escape (1985)(ECP)
Escape from Koshima (1986)(Atlantis Software)
Escape from Planet of Robot Monsters (1990)(Domark)[cr Crackponx][t +2 Crackponx]
Escape from the Planet of Doom (1990)(Edmund Spicer)
Escape from Wacci (1989)(Potplant Production)
Espana Peninsular (19xx)(-)
Espionage (1988)(Grandslam Entertainments)
E-SWAT (1990)(US Gold)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]
European Champions (1990)(E&J Software)
European Trophy II (1986)(E&J Software)
Eve of Shadows (1991)(Rob Buckley)
Evening Star (1987)(Hewson Consultants)
Every Second Counts (1988)(Domark)[cpm version]
Everyone's a Wally (1985)(Mikro-Gen)[t]
Evil Donjon (1989)(Genesis Software)
Exchange (1986)(S. Holderness)
Exolon (1987)(Hewson Consultants)[cr Aragorn][t +4 Aragorn]
Experience, The (1985)(Plasma Touch)
Exploding Wall (1989)(Byte-Back)
Explorer (1987)(Electric Dreams Software)
Express Raider (1987)(US Gold)[cr The Crack'ers Beuh L'1]
Exterminator (1991)(Audiogenic Software)
Extreme (1991)(Digital Integration)[cr CBS][t CBS]
Eye (1987)(Endurance Games)[cr Mc Spe]
Eye Spy (1985)(The English Software Company)
F1 Tornado Simulator (1991)(Zeppelin Games)[cr XOR][t XOR]
F-15 Strike Eagle (1986)(Microprose Software)
F-16 Combat Pilot (1991)(Digital Integration)[cr XOR]
F-16 Fighting Falcon (1990)(Virgin Mastertronic)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Fairlight - A Prelude (1985)(The Edge Software)[cr Two Mag][t Two Mag]
Fairlight 2 - A Trail of Darkness (1986)(The Edge Software)
Fallout (1987)(Amstrad Action Magazine)
Famous Five, The - Five on a Treasure Island (1990)(Enigma Variations)
Fantasia Diamond (1984)(Hewson Consultants)
Fantastic Voyage, The (1985)(Amsoft)
Fantasy Land (1986)(Cascade Games)
Fast Food Dizzy (1989)(Codemasters)[cr NPS][t NPS]
Fernandez Must Die (1988)(Image Works)[cr Digger]
Feud (1987)(Bulldog)
Fiendish Freddy's Big Top of Fun (1991)(Mindscape International)[cr XOR][cpm version]
Fighter Bomber (1990)(Activision)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Fighter Pilot (1985)(Digital Integration)
Fighting Soccer (1989)(Activision)[cr Exocet]
Fighting Warrior (1985)(Melbourne House)[cr Shada]
Final Fight (1991)(US Gold)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]
Final Matrix, The (1987)(Gremlin Graphics Software)
Finders Keepers (1985)(Mastertronic)[t]
Fire (1990)(New Deal Productions)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Fire and Forget (1988)(Titus)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Fire and Forget II - The Death Convoy (1990)(Titus)[cr NPS][t +5 NPS]
Fire Ant (1984)(Mogul Communications)
Fire Land (1991)(Tropic Soft)[t]
Firefox 2 (1987)(Yie Ar Soft)
Firelord (1986)(Hewson Consultants)[cr Mickey]
Fireman Sam - The Hero Next Door (1992)(Alternative Software)[cr NPS]
Firestone, The (1990)(Simon Avery)(PD)
Firetrap (1987)(Electric Dreams Software)[cr ACS]
Five-a-Side Soccer (1986)(Mastertronic Added Dimension)
Flash (1987)(Loriciels)
Flash Gordon (1987)(Mastertronic Added Dimension)[cr Section Jaguar]
Fleche (1989)(Black System)
Flight Path 737 (1984)(Anirog Software)(M5)
Flight Simulation (1984)(Myrddin Software)
Flimbo's Quest (1990)(System 3 Software)[cr CBS][t CBS]
Flintstones, The (1988)(Grandslam Entertainments)[cr GPA]
Fluff (1994)(Radical Software)
Flunky (1987)(Piranha)(M5)[cr GPA]
Fly Spy (1986)(Mastertronic)
Flying Shark (1987)(Firebird Software)[cr Enrique]
Football Frenzy (1987)(Alternative Software)
Football Manager - World Cup Edition (1990)(Addictive Games)
Football Manager (1984)(Addictive Games)
Football Manager 2 (1988)(Addictive Games)
Football Manager 3 (1992)(Addictive Games)[cpm version]
Footballer of the Year (1986)(Gremlin Graphics Software)
Footballer of the Year 2 (1989)(Gremlin Graphics Software)
For Gold or Glory (1988)(Alternative Software)
Forbidden Planet (1986)(Design Design Software)[t]
Force Field 2 (19xx)(David Hall)
Forest at World's End, The (1985)(Interceptor Micros Software)
Forestland (1986)(Supersoft)
Forgotten Worlds (1989)(US Gold)[cr The Guild of Crackers][t The Guild of Crackers]
Formula 1 Simulator (1985)(Mastertronic)[cr Ted]
Formula One (1985)(CRL Group)
Fourtris (19xx)(CPC Computing)
Frank Bruno's Boxing (1985)(Elite Systems)
Frank N Stein (1985)(PSS - Amsoft)
Frankenstein (1987)(CRL Group)
Frankenstein Jnr (1990)(Codemasters)
Frankie Crashed on Jupiter (1985)(Kingsoft)
Frankie Goes to Hollywood (1986)(Ocean Software)
Freddy Hardest (1987)(Dinamic Software)[t]
Freedom Fighter (1988)(The Power House)
Fres Fighter 2 (1999)(Bollaware)(Disk 1 of 4)
Frestris (1995)(Bollaware)[cr NPS]
Friday the 13th (1986)(Domark)
Friss Man (1985)(Mikro-Gen - Amsoft)
Froggit (19xx)(-)
Froggy (1985)(DJL Software)
Frontline (1988)(Zeppelin Games)[cr ACS]
Frost Byte (1986)(Mikro-Gen)
Fruit Machine 2 Simulator (1990)(Codemasters)
Fruity Frank (1984)(Kuma Computers)
Fucki (demo) (1992)(Le Chat Cyril)
Fu-Kung in Las Vegas (1985)(Amsoft)[cr Copy & Coppyery]
Fumiga (1985)(Indescamp)
Further Adventures of Fred, The (1989)(Sean McManus)
Fury, The (1988)(Martech Games)
Futur Racer (1989)(Deca Software)
Future Bike Simulator (1990)(Hi-Tec Software)[cr Tom & Jerry]
Future Knight (1986)(Gremlin Graphics Software)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Future Shock (1987)(Tynesoft Computer System)[cr XOR][t XOR]
G.I. Hero (1988)(Firebird Software)
Galactic Conqueror (1988)(Titus)
Galactic Games (1987)(Activision)(Disk 1 of 2)
Galactic Plague (1984)(Indescomp - Amsoft)
Galaxia (1984)(Kuma Computers)
Galaxian's Revenge (1984)(K.N. Khaleque)
Galaxias (1986)(Global Software)
Galaxy Force (1989)(Activision)[cr Cafes Kid Crackers]
Galaxy Force (1989)(Activision)[cr Two Mag][t Two Mag]
Galivan (1986)(Ocean Software)[cr NPS][t NPS]
Gallitron (1987)(Mastertronic)
Game of Dragons, The (1985)(Amsoft)
Game Over (1986)(Dinamic Software)[t]
Game Over II (1988)(Dinamic Software)[cr ACE][t ACE][re-release of Phantis]
Games, The - Summer Edition (1989)(US Gold)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr NPS]
Games, The - Winter Edition (1988)(US Gold)[cr GPA]
Garfield - Big, Fat, Hairy Deal (1988)(The Edge Software)[cr Two Mag][t Two Mag]
Garfield - Winter's Tail (1990)(The Edge Software)
Gary Lineker's Hot-Shot! (1988)(Gremlin Graphics Software)
Gary Lineker's Super Skills (1988)(Gremlin Graphics Software)[cr Futuresoft]
Gary Lineker's Super Star Soccer (1987)(Gremlin Graphics Software)
Gauntlet (1986)(US Gold)[cpm version]
Gauntlet II (1988)(US Gold)[cr Two Mag][t Two Mag]
Gauntlet III - The Final Quest (1991)(US Gold)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr XOR][t +3 XOR]
Gazza II (1991)(Empire Software)[cr Unix]
Gazza's Super Soccer (1990)(Empire Software)
GBA Championship Basketball (1987)(Gamestar)
Gemini Wing (1989)(Virgin Mastertronic)[cr Two Mag][t Two Mag]
Gems of Stradus (1985)(Kuma Computers - Amsoft)
Geoff Capes Strongman (1985)(Martech Games)
Get Dexter (19xx)(ERE Informatique)
Get Dexter 2 (1988)(ERE Informatique)
GFL Championship Football (1987)(Gamestar)
Ghengis Kahn (1991)(Ocean Software)[cr The Spanish Hacker]
Ghost Hunters (1987)(Codemasters)
Ghost 'n Goblins (1986)(Elite Systems)
Ghostbusters (1985)(Activision)
Ghostbusters II (1989)(Activision)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Ghosts (1985)(Cascade Games)
Ghouls (1985)(Micro Power)
Ghouls 'n' Ghosts (1989)(US Gold)[cr XOR][t +3 XOR]
Gilbert - Escape from Drill (1989)(Again Again)
Gilligan's Gold (1984)(Ocean Software)
Gladiator (1986)(Domark)
Glass (1986)(Gary Ireland)
Glen Hoddle Soccer (1985)(Amsoft)
Glider Rider (1987)(Quicksilva)
G-Log R360 (1991)(US Gold)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]
Gnome Ranger (1987)(Level 9 Computing)(Disk 1 of 2)
Gob (1988)(Tommas Christensen)
Goblin Towers (1986)(Supersoft)
Gold Hunter (1987)(Stone Software)
Golden Axe (1990)(Virgin Games)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Golden Path (1986)(Amsoft)(Disk 1 of 2)
Goldrun (1987)(-)
Goldrush (1986)(R. Deschler)
Good Moon (1990)(Black System)[t]
Goonies, The (1986)(US Gold)
Gothik (1987)(Firebird Software)[cr SOS]
Graham Gooch's Test Cricket (1986)(Audiogenic Software)
Grand Prix 500cc 2 (1991)(Microids)
Grand Prix Circuit (1990)(Accolade)
Grand Prix Driver (1984)(Britannia Software)
Grand Prix Simulator (1987)(Codemasters)
Grand Prix Simulator 2 (1989)(Codemasters)
Grand Prix Tennis (1988)(Mastertronic Added Dimension)[cr Zed the Elf]
Grange Hill (1987)(Argus Press Software)
Gravity (1988)(E. Pfluegel)
Great Courts (1989)(Ubi Soft)
Great Escape, The (1986)(Ocean Software)
Great Giana Sisters, The (1988)(Spiky Productions)[cr Exocet]
Great Gurianos (1987)(Encore)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Grebit (19xx)(Alternative Software)[t]
Green Beret (1986)(Imagine Software)[cr NPS]
Gregory Loses his Clock (1985)(Mastertronic)
Grell and Falla (1992)(Codemasters)[cr GPA]
Gremlins - The Adventure (1985)(Adventure International)
Gremlins 2 - The New Batch (1990)(Elite Systems)(Disk 1 of 2)
Greyfell (1987)(Starlight Software)
Grid Trap (1985)(LiveWire Software)
Gridrider (19xx)(-)
Ground Zero (1986)(Tynesoft)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Growing Pains of Adrian Mole, The (1987)(Virgin Games)(Disk 1 of 2)
Grumpy Gumphrey Supersleuth (1985)(Gremlin Graphics Software)
Gryzor (1987)(Ocean Software)[cr Two Mag][t Two Mag]
Guadalcanal (1987)(Activision)[cr Mc Spe]
Guardian Angel, The (1990)(Codemasters)[cr NPS][t NPS]
Guardian II - Revenge of the Mutants (1990)(Hi-Tec Software)[t +2]
Guardians (1991)(Big Sur)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Guerrilla War (1988)(Imagine Software)[cr Two Mag][t Two Mag]
Guild of Thieves, The (1988)(Rainbird Software)(Disk 1 of 2)
Gunboat (1987)(Piranha)
Gundogs (1985)(Andromeda Software)
Gunfighter (1988)(Atlantis Software)[t +3]
Gunfright (1985)(Ultimate Play The Game)[t +2]
Gunship (1987)(Microprose Software)(Disk 1 of 2)
Gunslinger (1989)(D. Walsh)
Gunsmoke (1987)(Go!)[cr NPS][t +2 NPS]
Gunstar (1987)(Firebird Software)
Gutter (1985)(ERE Informatique)
Guzzler (1986)(Players Software)[t +3]
Gyroscope (1985)(Melbourne House)
Hacker (1985)(Activision)
Hagar (1989)(Black System)
Hal (19xx)(Bittle Juice)
Halls of Gold (1986)(Rainbow Arts)
Halls of the Things (1985)(Design Design Software)[t]
Hamil (1987)(Jonathan Partington)
Hammer Boy (1991)(Dinamic Software)[cr NPS][t NPS]
Hammerfist (1990)(Activision)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Hard Drivin' (1989)(Domark)
Hard Hat Mack (1983)(Electronic Arts)
Hardball (1986)(Advance Software)
Harrier Attack! (1984)(Durell Software - Amsoft)
Harvey Headbanger (1986)(Firebird Software)
Hate (1989)(Vortex Software)
Haunted Hedges (1984)(Micromega - Amsoft)
Havoc (1990)(Players Premier Software)
Hawk Storm (1991)(Players Software)[cr NPS][t +2 NPS]
Head over Heels (1987)(Ocean Software)[t +4]
Heartland (1986)(Odin Computer Graphics)[t +3]
Heathrow International Air Traffic Control (1985)(Hewson Consultants)
Heavy Metal (1990)(US Gold)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Heavy on the Magick (1986)(Gargoyle Games)
Helichopper (1986)(Firebird Software)
Helicoptero 2000 (1985)(Monser)
Helter Skelter (1990)(Audiogenic Software)
Herbert's Dummy Run (1985)(Mikro-Gen)[cr NPS][t NPS]
Hercules - Slayer of the Damned (1988)(Gremlin Graphics Software)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]
Hero of the Golden Talisman (1986)(Mastertronic Added Dimension)
Hero Quest - Return of the Witchlord (1991)(Gremlin Graphics Software)
Hero Quest (1991)(Gremlin Graphics Software)[cr JLCS]
Herobotix (1988)(Rack-It)
Heroes of Karn (1984)(Interceptor Micros Software)
Heroes of the Lance (1988)(US Gold)(Disk 1 of 2)[cpm version]
Hi Q Quiz (1989)(Blue Ribbon Software)
Hideous (1992)(Alternative Software)[cr NPS]
High Epidemy (19xx)(FIL)
High Noon (1984)(Locomotive Soft)
High Steel (1989)(Screen 7)[cr NPS][t +2 NPS]
Highlander (1986)(Ocean Software)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]
Highway Encounter (1985)(Vortex Software)
Highway Patrol (1989)(Microids)[cr Exocet]
Hijack (1986)(Electric Dreams Software)
Hirise (1986)(Nick Strange)[cr Kev Soft]
Hit Squad, The (1988)(Codemasters)[cr GPA][t GPA]
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The (1984)(Infocom)[cpm version]
Hive (1987)(Firebird Software)
Hobbit, The (1985)(Melbourne House)
Hobgoblin (1991)(Atlantis Software)[cr GPA][t GPA]
Holiday, The (19xx)(E.J. Spicer)[cpm version]
Hollywood Hijinx (1986)(Infocom)[cpm version]
Hollywood or Bust (1986)(Mastertronic)[cr Dalromi]
Home Runner (1984)(Britannia Software)[t +2]
Hong Kong Phooey (1990)(Hi-Tec Software)[cr JLCS]
Hopper Copper (1988)(Silverbird Software)
Hopping Mad (1988)(Elite Systems)[cr NPS][t +2 NPS]
Hostages (1990)(Infogrames)(Disk 1 of 2)[cpm version]
Hot-Rod (1990)(Activision)[cr TB Crackers]
Hotshot (1988)(Addictive Games)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Hounds of Hell (19xx)(Peter Clark)
House of Spiders (19xx)(-)
House of Usher (1984)(Anirog Software)
How to be a Complete Bastard (1987)(Virgin Games)
How to be a Hero (1987)(Mastertronic Added Dimension)
Howard the Duck (1987)(Activision)
Hudson Hawk (1991)(Ocean Software)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]
Human Killing Machine (1989)(US Gold)[cr NPS][t +2 NPS]
Humphrey (1988)(Zigurat Software)
Hunchback - The Adventure (1986)(Ocean Software)
Hunchback (1985)(Ocean Software - Amsoft)[cr Le Gang des Trois]
Hunchback II - Quasimodo's Revenge (1985)(Ocean Software)
Hundra (1987)(Dinamic Software)[cr NPS][t NPS]
Hunt for Red October, The - Based on the Book (1988)(Grandslam Entertainments)
Hunt for Red October, The - Based on the Movie (1991)(Grandslam Entertainments)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]
Hunter-Killer (1984)(Protek Computing - Amsoft)
Hustler (1985)(Bubblebus Software)
Huxley Pig (1991)(Alternative Software)[cr NPS][t NPS]
Hybrid (1987)(Starlight Software)
Hydra (1991)(Domark)[cr Reilan][t Reilan]
Hydrofool (1987)(Faster Than Light)
Hyper Sports (1985)(Imagine Software)[cr NPS][t NPS]
Hyperbowl (1986)(Mastertronic)
Hypsys (1989)(Techno Arts)
I, Ball (1987)(Firebird Software)[cr ACS]
I, Ball II - Quest for the Past (1987)(Firebird Software)[cr Section Jaguar]
Ian Botham's Test Match (1985)(Tynesoft)
Ice Guardian, The (1991)(Barrie E. Eton)(Disk 1 of 2)
Ice Temple, The (1989)(Blue Ribbon Software)[t +2]
Icon John (1986)(Mirrorsoft)[cr 007 Crackware]
Ikari Warriors (1988)(Elite Systems)[t +2]
Imagination (1987)(Firebird Software)
Impact! (1988)(Audiogenic Software)[t]
Impossaball (1987)(Hewson Consultants)[t +2]
Impossamole (1990)(Gremlin Graphics Software)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Impossible Mission (1985)(US Gold)
Impossible Mission II (1988)(US Gold)
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (1993)(US Gold)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989)(US Gold)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1985)(US Gold)[cr NPS][t NPS]
Indoor Bowling (1987)(Alligata Software)
Indoor Soccer (1986)(Magnificent 7 Software)[cr Redpoint]
Indoor Sports (1987)(Advance Software)
Inertie (1987)(Ubi Soft)[cr NPS][t +3 NPS]
Infection (1989)(Virgin Mastertronic)
Infidel (1983)(Infocom)[cpm version]
Infiltrator (1986)(US Gold)[cr Two Mag][t +3 Two Mag]
Infodroid (1986)(Denton Designs)
Ingrid's Back (1988)(Level 9 Computing)(Disk 1 of 2)
Inheritance, The (1987)(Infogrames)
Insector Hecti in The Interchange (1991)(Hi-Tec Software)[cr NPS][t +2 NPS]
Inside Outing (1987)(The Edge Software)
Interdictor Pilot (1985)(Supersoft)
International 3D Tennis (1990)(Palace Software)
International Karate (1986)(System 3 Software)
International Karate+ (1988)(System 3 Software)[cr Clouseau '88]
International Ninja Rabbits (1991)(Micro Value)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]
International Rugby (1986)(Artic Computing)
International Rugby Simulator (1988)(Codemasters)
Into Oblivion (1986)(Mastertronic)
Into the Eagle's Nest (1987)(Pandora)[t +4]
Invertix Preview (1995)(Eliot)
Iron Trackers (1989)(Microids)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr XOR]
Ishido (1991)(Fraggle)
Island (19xx)(WiteKB)
Island of Dr. Destructo, The (1987)(Bulldog)
Island, The (1985)(K.N. Bond)[cpm version]
Isotopes (19xx)(J. Fox-Geen)
ISS - Incredible Shrinking Sphere (1989)(Electric Dreams Software)[t]
Italia '90 - World Cup Soccer (1989)(Virgin Games)[cr CACH]
Italian Supercar (1990)(Codemasters)[t +2]
Italy 1990 (1990)(US Gold)[cr XOR]
It's a Knockout (1986)(Ocean Software)
Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off Road Racer (1990)(Virgin Games)[cr CBS]
Jack and the Beanstalk (1985)(Thor Software)
Jack Nicklaus Golf (1989)(Accolade)(Disk 1 of 4)
Jack the Nipper (1986)(Gremlin Graphics Software)[t +2]
Jack the Nipper II - In Coconut Capers (1987)(Gremlin Graphics Software)[cr Mc Spe]
Jack the Ripper (1988)(CRL Group)[cr Jorge & Jose Maria]
Jackal (1986)(Konami)
Jahangir Khan's World Championship Squash (1991)(Krisalis Software)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Jail Break (1987)(Konami)[cr NPS][t NPS]
James Debug - Le Grand Saut (1987)(Coktel Vision)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Jammin (1985)(Taskset - Amsoft)
Jason of the Argonauts (1990)(Simon Avery)
Jaws (1989)(Screen 7)[cr The Master Hacker]
Jet 37 (1990)(Black System)[t]
Jet Bike Simulator (1988)(Codemasters Plus)
Jet Boot Jack (1984)(English Software)
Jet Set Willy (1985)(Software Projects)[t +5 M+5]
Jetsons, The (1992)(Hi-Tec Software)[cr Two Mag][t Two Mag]
Jewels of Babylon, The (1985)(Interceptor Micros Software)
Jewels of Darkness Trilogy I - Colossal Adventure (1983)(Level 9 Computing)
Jewels of Darkness Trilogy II - Adventure Quest (1983)(Level 9 Computing)
Jewels of Darkness Trilogy III - Dungeon Adventure (1983)(Level 9 Computing)
Jigsaw (1986)(Skyline Software)
Jim Power in Mutant Planet (1992)(Loriciels)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr GPA]
Jinks (1988)(Rainbow Arts)[cr GPA]
Jinxter (1988)(Rainbird Software)(Disk 1 of 2)
Jo Visits the Planet Qor (19xx)(Maltdale)
Jocky Wilson's Compendium of Darts (1991)(Zeppelin Games)
Joe Blade (1987)(Players Software)
Joe Blade II (1988)(Players Software)
Joe Blade III (1989)(Players Premier Software)[cr NPS][t NPS]
Johnny Reb (1984)(MC Lothlorien)
Jonah Barrington's Squash (1985)(New Generation Software)
Jonny Quest in Doctor Zin's Underworld (1991)(Hi-Tec Software)[cr Tom & Jerry]
Joust (1986)(Quality Software)
Juego del Ahorcado (19xx)(-)(M5)
Juggernaut (1985)(CRL Group)
Jumpjet (1985)(Anirog Software)
Jumpman (1986)(Blaby Computer Games)
Jungle Book (1989)(Porky)(Disk 1 of 2)
Jungle Warfare (1989)(Virgin Mastertronic)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Kane (1986)(Mastertronic)[cr The Happy Cracker]
Karl's Treasure Hunt (1984)(Software Project)
Karnov (1988)(Electric Dreams Software)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr NPS][t +3 NPS]
Kat Trap (1987)(Streetwise)
Kenny Dalglish Soccer Manager (1990)(Impressions Software)
Kentilla (1986)(Mastertronic)
Kentucky Racing (1991)(Alternative Software)[cr GPA]
Kettle (1986)(Alligata Software)[cr ACE]
Key Factor, The (1985)(Amsoft)
Kick Off (1990)(Anco Software)[cr Triade]
Killapede (1986)(Players Software)
Killed Until Dead (1987)(US Gold)(Disk 1 of 2)
Killer Ball (1991)(Microids)[cr Genesis][t Genesis]
Killer Cobra (1987)(Peter Wiseman)
Killer Gorilla (1984)(Micro Power)
Killer Ring (1987)(Reaktor)
Kiloroid (2002)(Richard Wilson)
Kinetik (1987)(Firebird Software)
Klax (1990)(Domark)[cr Two Mag][t Two Mag]
Knaves and thou Prisoners (19xx)(-)
Knight Force (1989)(Titus)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr TB Crackers][t +2 TB Crackers]
Knight Games (1986)(English Software)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Knight Lore (1984)(Ultimate Play The Game)[t +3]
Knight Orc (1987)(Rainbird Software)(Disk 1 of 2)
Knight Rider (1986)(Ocean Software)
Knight Tyme (1986)(Mastertronic Added Dimension)[t +3]
Knightmare (1987)(Activision)[t]
Kobyashi Naru (1987)(Mastertronic)
Kokotoni Wilf (1984)(Elite Systems)[cr NPS][t NPS]
Konami's Golf (1986)(Imagine Software)
Konami's Ping Pong (1986)(Imagine Software)
Kong 2 - Kong Strikes Back (1985)(Ocean Software)[cr CAC]
Koronis Rift (1987)(Activision)
Krakout (1987)(Gremlin Graphics Software)[cr The Turbo Cracker]
Kristal (1984)(Core Design)
Kristax (1989)(Deca Software)
Krypton Factor, The (1987)(Domark)(Disk 1 of 2)[cpm version]
KTris (2003)(Richard Wilson)
Kung-Fu Master (1986)(US Gold)
Kwik Snax Dizzy (1990)(Codemasters)[cr GPA][t GPA]
L.E.D. Storm (1988)(Go!)[cr GPA][t GPA]
Laberinto Sultan (1989)(PEZ Software)
Labyrinth Hall (1987)(Len Townsend)
Lancelot (1988)(Mandarin Software)(Disk 1 of 2)
Las Vegas Casino (1989)(Zeppelin Games)[master disk 1]
Laser Base (1985)(M.K. - P.A. Leybourne)
Laserwarp (1985)(Mikro-Gen - Amsoft)[t]
Last Duel (1989)(US Gold)[cr GPA][t GPA]
Last Ninja 2 (1988)(System 3 Software)(Disk 1 of 2)
Last Ninja Remix (1990)(System 3 Software)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr CACH]
Last of the Smileys (1995)(Amstrad Action)
Last Race, The (1989)(Black System)[t]
Last V8, The (1986)(David Darling)
Lazer Tag (1987)(Go!)[cr Mc Spe]
Leaderboard Tournament (1987)(US Gold)
Leather Goddesses of Phobos (1986)(Infocom)[cpm version]
Legend of Apache Gold, The (1986)(Incentive Software)
Legend of Kage (1986)(Imagine Software)[cr Two Mag][t Two Mag]
Legions of Death (1987)(MC Lothlorien)
Lemmings (1992)(Psygnosis)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Leviathan (1987)(English Software)[cr Jorge]
Liberator (1989)(Proein Soft Line)[cr Kino & Hufo]
Life Expectancy Zero (1985)(Blaby Computer Games)
Life-Term (1987)(Alternative Software)
Light Corridor, The (1990)(Infogrames)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Light Force (1986)(Faster Than Light)
Line of Fire (1990)(US Gold)[cr CACH][t CACH]
Link (19xx)(Jeroen Erkens)
Lion (1991)(Miko Wong)
Little Game (1987)(Lojze Dolenc)
Little Puff in Dragonland (1990)(Codemasters)[cr Maze Softs]
Livingstone Supongo II (1989)(Opera Soft)[t]
Lone Wolf (1991)(Audiogenic Software)[cr NPS]
Long-Way (1988)(Poum)
Loogaroo - Werewolf Simulator (1988)(Top Ten Software)
Loom Preview v1.0 (1996)(Arkos)
Loopz (1991)(Audiogenic Software)[t]
Lop Ears (1991)(Players Software)[cr Tom & Jerry]
Lord of the Rings - Game One (1986)(Melbourne House)
Lord of the Rings - Game Two - Shadows of Mordor (1987)(Melbourne House)
Lords of Midnight, The (1985)(Beyond Software - Amsoft)
Los Angeles SWAT (1987)(Entertainment USA)[cr Section Jaguar]
Lost Caves (1989)(Players Premier Software)[t +2]
Lost Crown, The (1985)(S. Sawdy)
Lost Phirious, The - Falkrhanon (19xx)(Vidipix)
Lost Phirious, The - The Casiopia (1986)(Vidipix)
Lost Phirious, The - The Planets (1986)(Vidipix)
Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge (1990)(Gremlin Graphics Software)
Lurking Horror, The (1987)(Infocom)[cpm version]
Mac 2 (19xx)(Dino)
Macadam Bumper (1985)(PSS)
Mach 3 (1987)(Loriciels)[cr Enrique Soft]
Macrocosmica (1986)(Datacom - Amsoft)
Mad Mazes (1992)(Pipeline Software)
Mad Mix 2 (1990)(Topo Soft)[t]
Mad Mix Game (1988)(Topo Soft)[cr PHG]
Madballs (1988)(Ocean Software)[cr Mc Spe]
Maddog (1987)(Titus)
Mag Max - Robo Centurion (1987)(Imagine Software)
Maggot Splat (19xx)(J. Charlesworth)
Magic Clock (1986)(Players Software)
Magic Maths (1986)(Players Software)
Magic Sword, The (1984)(Database Publications)
Mahjong (1986)(Liffsoft)
Manchester United (1990)(Krisalis Software)(M3)[cr CBS]
Manchester United Europe (1991)(Krisalis Software)(M5)[cr CBS]
Mandragore (1986)(Infogrames)[cpm version]
Manhattan 95 (1986)(Ubi Soft)
Manic Miner (1985)(Software Projects - Amsoft)[t +2]
Marauder (1988)(Hewson Consultants)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]
Marble Madness Construction Set (1986)(Melbourne House)
Marble Madness Deluxe Edition (1986)(Melbourne House)
Mario Bros (1987)(Ocean Software)
Marsport (1985)(Gargoyle Games)
Martianoids (1987)(Ultimate Play The Game)[t]
Mask (1987)(Gremlin Graphics Software)[cr GPA][t GPA]
Mask II (1988)(Gremlin Graphics Software)[cr NPS]
Mask III - Venom Strikes Back (1988)(Gremlin Graphics Software)[cr Mc Spe]
Master Chess (1987)(Mastertronic)
Master of the Lamps (1985)(Activision)
Master, The (19xx)(Shocker Soft)[t]
Masterchess (1984)(Mikro-Gen - Amsoft)
Masters of the Universe - The Movie (1987)(Gremlin Graphics Software)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Mata Hari (1988)(J.-Ph. Biscay)[cr Les Shadocks][t Les Shadocks]
Match Day (1985)(Ocean Software)
Match Day II (1987)(Ocean Software)
Match Point (1985)(DL Research - Psion Software)
Max Headroom (1986)(Quicksilva)
Maze (1985)(C. Mankowski)
Maze Mania (1989)(Hewson Consultants)[cr NPS][t NPS]
Mazie (1988)(Zeppelin Games)[t]
Mega-Apocalypse (1988)(Martech Games)
Megablasters (1994)(Odiesoft)(Disk 1 of 4)
Mega-Bucks (1986)(Firebird Software)
Megamix (1992)(Cyril le chat)
Megaphoenix (1991)(Dinamic Software)[cr The Spanish Hacker][t The Spanish Hacker]
Megawar (1990)(Genesis Software)[cr NPS][t NPS]
Meltdown - Control Reactor (1986)(R. Nixon)
Meltdown (1986)(Alligata Software)(Disk 1 of 2)
M'enfin - Gaston (1986)(Ubi Soft)(Disk 1 of 2)
Mercenaire (1986)(Rainbow Productions)
Mercenary 1 + 2 (1987)(Novagen Software)
Mermaid Madness (1990)(Electric Dreams Software)[cr ACE]
Message from Andromeda (1986)(Interceptor Micros Software)
Metal Army (1988)(Players Software)
Metalyx (19xx)(Alternative Software)[t]
Metaplex (1988)(Addictive Games)[cr Nigel]
Metro-Cross (1987)(US Gold)[cr The Crack'ers Beuh L'1]
Metropolis (1988)(The Power House)
Miami Cobra GT (1991)(Players Software)[cr GPA][t GPA]
Miami Vice (1986)(Ocean Software)
Mickey Mouse (1988)(Gremlin Graphics Software)[cr Two Mag][t Two Mag]
Micro Mouse (1989)(Mastertronic Plus)[cr CBS][t CBS]
Microball (1988)(Alternative Software)
Microprose Soccer (1989)(Microprose Software)[cr ACE - Vorax]
Micro-Whist (1988)(R.A. Waddilove)
Midnight Resistance (1990)(Ocean Software)[cr NPS]
Mig 29 Fighter (1989)(Codemasters)[cr NPS]
Mig Busters (1990)(Players Premier Software)[cr GPA][t GPA]
Mike & Moko (1988)(MBC)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr PHG]
Mike Read's Pop Quiz (1989)(Elite Systems)[cr GPA]
Mikie (1986)(Imagine Software)
Military School (1989)(Black System)
Milk Race (1987)(Mastertronic)
Mindfighter (1988)(Abstract Concepts)
Mindshadow (1985)(Activision)
Mind-Streatchers (19xx)(Mastertronic)
Mines (1994)(CRCT)
Minesweeper (1992)(Dream Soft)
Minette (19xx)(E.J. Spicer)[cpm version]
Mineur (1988)(-)
Minicent (19xx)(-)
Minisenso (1992)(JM)
Missile Ground Zero (1989)(Virgin Mastertronic)
Mission 2 (1987)(ERE Informatique)
Mission Elevator (1988)(Micropool)
Mission Genocide (1987)(Rotovision)
Mission I - Project Volcano (1985)(Mission Software)
Mission Jupiter (1997)(Codemasters)[t +3]
Mobile Man (1989)(Loriciels)[cr Pynard]
Molecularr (1990)(Amstrad 100)
Molecularr 2 (1991)(Amstrad 100)
Molecule (1990)(LMC Software)
Molecule Man (1986)(Mastertronic)[t]
Monopoly (1985)(Leisure Genius)
Monty on the Run (1985)(Gremlin Graphics Software)
Monty Python's Flying Circus (1990)(Virgin Games)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Monument (1991)(Zeppelin Games)[t]
Moon Blaster (1990)(Loriciels)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Moon Buggy (1985)(Anirog Software)
Moon Cresta (1986)(Tim)
Moonmist (1986)(Infocom)[cpm version]
Moontorc (1991)(Atlantis Software)[cr GPA][t GPA]
Moonwalker (1989)(US Gold)[cr NPS]
Moors Challenge, The (1984)(Timeslip Software)
Mordon's Quest (1985)(Melbourne House)
Morris Meets the Biker (1984)(Automata UK)
Moto Cross Simulator (1989)(Codemasters)[cr NPS][t NPS]
Motor Massacre (1989)(Gremlin Graphics Software)
Motos (1987)(Mastertronic Added Dimension)[t +3]
Mountains of Ket (1987)(Incentive Software)
Mountie Mick's Death Ride (1987)(Reaktor)
Movie (1986)(Imagine Software)
Moving Target (1989)(Players Premier Software)[cr NPS][t +2 NPS]
Mr. Freeze (1984)(Firebird Software)
Mr. Heli (1989)(Firebird Software)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]
Mr. Pingo (1986)(Rainbow Arts)
Mr. Weems and the She Vampires (1987)(Piranha)[t]
Mr. Wong's Loopy Laundry (1984)(Artic Computing - Amsoft)
Muggins the Spaceman (1987)(Firebird Software)
Munch-it (1984)(Tynesoft)
Munsters, The (1989)(Again Again)[cr TB Crackers][t TB Crackers]
Murder Off Miami (1986)(CRL Group)
Muri (19xx)(Marius Wey - Markus Wildi)
Mutant Fortress (1989)(Players Premier Software)[cr NPS][t +2 NPS]
Mutant Monty (1984)(Artic Computing - Amsoft)
Mutants (1987)(Ocean Software)[t]
Myga (1988)(Acocsoft)(ru)[cr PHG]
Mystery of Arkham Manor, The (1987)(Melbourne House)[cr GPA]
Mystery of the Indus Valleys (1987)(Alternative Software)
Mystery of the Java Star, The (19xx)(Shards Software)
Mystery of the Nile, The (1987)(Firebird Software)[cr Madmax]
Myth - History in the Making (1989)(System 3 Software)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Mythos (1990)(Opera Soft)[t]
N.E.X.O.R. (1986)(Design Design Software)
N.E.X.U.S. (1986)(Nexus Productions)
N.O.M.A.D. (1986)(Ocean Software)
Nakamoto (19xx)(The Power House)
Narc (1990)(Ocean Software)[cr Genesis][t Genesis]
Narco Police (1990)(Dinamic Software)[cr NPS][t NPS]
Navy Moves (1988)(Dinamic Software)[cr Two Mag][t Two Mag]
NBA (1989)(ABC Sports)[464 version]
NBA (1989)(ABC Sports)[6128 version]
Nebulus (1988)(Hewson Consultants)[cr Aragorn][t +2 Aragorn]
Necris Dome (1987)(Codemasters)
Neil (19xx)(Alternative Software)[t +3]

Nemesis (1987)(Konami)[cr NPS][t NPS]
Nemesis IV (1986)(Cascade Games)
Nemesis the Warlock (1987)(Martech Games)[cr Chon-Chon]
Nether Earth (1987)(Argus Press Software)
Netherworld (1988)(Hewson Consultants)
Neverending Story, The (1985)(Ocean Software)
New York Warriors (1990)(Virgin Games)[cr NPS][t NPS]
New Zealand Story, The (1989)(Ocean Software)
Newmarket (19xx)(D. Andrews)
Nibbler (1984)(Mosaik Software)
Nick Faldo Plays the Open (1985)(Mind Games)
Nigel Mansell's Grand Prix (1988)(Martech Games)[cr Mc Spe]
Nigel Mansell's World Championship (1992)(Gremlin Graphics Software)(Disk 1 of 2)
Night Breed (1990)(Ocean Software)(Disk 1 of 2)[cpm version]
Night Gunner (1989)(Digital Integration)(M3)[cr Caloundra Cracking]
Night Raider (1988)(Gremlin Graphics Software)
Night Shift (1991)(US Gold)[cr Reilan]
Nightmaze (19xx)(-)
Nightshade (1985)(Ultimate Play The Game)[t]
Ninja (1987)(Entertainment USA)[cr ACE]
Ninja Commando (1989)(Zeppelin Games)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Ninja Hamster (1987)(CRL Group)
Ninja Massacre (1989)(Codemasters)
Ninja Master (1986)(Firebird Software)[cr Section Jaguar]
Ninja Scooter Simulator (1988)(Silverbird Software)[cr ACS]
Ninja Warriors (1989)(Virgin Games)[cr NPS][t +3 NPS]
No Exit (1990)(CVS)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]
Nocturne (1986)(Alpha Omega Software)
Nodes of Yesod (1986)(Odin Computer Graphics)
Nonteraqueous (1985)(Mastertronic)
Nonterraqueous II - Soul of a Robot (1985)(Mastertronic)
North & South (1991)(Infogrames)(M3)(Disk 1 of 2)[cpm version]
North Star (1988)(Gremlin Graphics Software)[cr Two Mag][t Two Mag]
Nosferatu the Vampyre (1986)(Piranha)
Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less (1987)(Domark)(Disk 1 of 2)
Nova (1987)(J. Wyer)
Nuclear Heist (1986)(Players Software)
Number 1 (1986)(Duke - Jona)
Nythyhel - Files of the Occult (1986)(50-50 Club Software)
Obliterator (1989)(Melbourne House)[t +2]
Obsidian (1985)(Artic Computing)[t]
Ocean Conqueror (1987)(Rack-It)
Octoplex (1989)(Mastertronic)[t +2]
Off Shore Warrior (1989)(Titus)[cr GPA][t GPA]
Official Father Christmas Game, The (1989)(Alternative Software)
Oh Mummy!! (1984)(Amsoft)
Oink! - Piggy Tales (1987)(CRL Group)
Olli & Lissa - The Ghost of Shilmoore Castle (1986)(Firebird Software)
Olli & Lissa III - The Candlelight Adventure (1989)(Codemasters)[t]
Olympiad '86 (1986)(Atlantis Software)
On the Oche (1984)(Artic Computing)
On the Run (1985)(Design Design Software)
One (1986)(US Gold)
One Man and his Droid (1985)(Mastertronic)
Operation Gunship (1989)(Codemasters)[cr NPS][t +3 NPS]
Operation Hanoi (1990)(Players Premier Software)[cr Two Mag][t Two Mag]
Operation Hormuz (1989)(Again Again)[cr Section Jaguar]
Operation Thunderbolt (1989)(Ocean Software)[cr ICO]
Operation Wolf (1988)(Ocean Software)[cr ACME][t +3 ACME]
Oriental Games (1990)(Firebird Software)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Orifice from Outer Space (19xx)(Plasma Touch)
Out of This World (1987)(Reaktor)[t]
Out Run (1988)(US Gold)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Out Run Europa (1991)(US Gold)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr XOR][t +3 XOR]
Outboard (1990)(Loriciels)[cr Crackponx]
Outlaw (1990)(Players Premier Software)[cr Tom & Jerry][t Tom & Jerry]
Overlander (1988)(Elite Systems)[cr XOR][t XOR]
P.H.M. Pegasus (1988)(Electronic Arts)
P-47 Thunderbolt - The Freedom Fighter (1990)(Firebird Software)[cr TB Crackers]
Pac Girl v1.2 (1992)(CPC Info)
Pac-Boy (1989)(R.O.S. Soft)
Pacific (1986)(ERE Informatique)(M3)[t +3]
Pac-Land (1989)(Grandslam Entertainments)[t]
Pac-Man (1986)(T and T)
Pacman (1988)(Frederic Carbonero)[t]
Pac-Man 2 (1986)(T and T)
Pac-Mania (1988)(Grandslam Entertainments)[t]
Pacplant (1988)(John Kennedy)
Paladin (1987)(Bubblebus Software)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]
Palitron (1986)(The Edge Software)[cr Higgins]
Pang (1990)(Ruediger Moeller)
Panic Dizzy (1991)(Codemasters)
Panza Kick Boxing (1990)(Futura)
Panzadrome (1985)(Ariolasoft UK)
Paperboy (1987)(Elite Systems)[cr NPS]
Paperboy 2 (1992)(Mindscape International)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]
Para Assault Course (1988)(Zeppelin Games)
Parabola (1987)(Firebird Software)[t]
Paragliding (1986)(-)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Paranoia (1994)(Power System)
Park Patrol (1987)(Firebird Software)[t]
Party Machine (1987)(Gordon J. Key)
Passing Shot (1989)(Image Works)
Patience (19xx)(Robin Nixon)
Pawn, The (1987)(Rainbird Software)(Disk 1 of 2)
Paws (1985)(Artic Computing)[t]
Peasants Tale, A (1988)(Crysys Software)
Penalty Soccer (1990)(Artronic Products)
Penggy (1987)(Chip)
Penguin (1992)(Suraway)
Penguins (1992)(Amstrad Action)[t +2]
Perestroika (1988)(L.M.C. Software)
Perestroika 2 - Le Retour (1991)(BLB Soft)
Periscope Up (1989)(Atlantis Software)
Peter Beardsley's Soccer (1989)(Grandslam Entertainments)[cr Exocet]
Peter Pack Rat (1989)(Silverbird Software)[t +2]
Peter Pan (1988)(Coktel Vision)(Disk 1 of 2)[cpm version]
Peter Shilton's Handball Maradona (1986)(Grandslam Entertainments)
Phantom Club (1988)(Ocean Software)
Phileas Fogg's Ballo0n Battles (1991)(Zeppelin Games)[cr Tom & Jerry]
Philosopher's Quest (1987)(Peter Killworth)
Phoenix Mission, The (1987)(ECP)
Pick 'n' Pile (1990)(Ubi Soft)
Piclos (1989)(R.O.S. Soft)
Pinaut (19xx)(Minsoft)
Pinball Magic (1990)(Loriciels)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Pinball Power (1989)(Mastertronic Plus)
Pinball Wizard (1985)(CP Software)
Pink Panther (1988)(Gremlin Graphics Software)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Pipe Crazy! (19xx)(C. Moullec)
Pipe Mania (1990)(Empire Software)
Pipeline Plumber (19xx)(-)
Pirate (1990)(Black System)
Pit-Fighter (1991)(Domark)
Planetfall (1983)(Infocom)[cpm version]
Plasmatron (1988)(Comtec)
Platoon (1988)(Ocean Software)[cr GPA][t GPA]
Play Your Cards Right (1986)(Britannia Software)
Plot, The (1987)(Firebird Software)
Plundered Hearts (1987)(Infocom)[cpm version]
Pneumatic Hammers (1987)(Firebird Software)
Pogostick Olympics (1988)(Silverbird Software)
Pool (1989)(R.O.S. Soft)[t]
Popeye (1986)(Piranha)
Popeye 2 (1991)(Alternative Software)[cr Grees & Chany]
Popeye 3 - Wrestle Crazy (1992)(Alternative Software)[cr NPS]
Pop-Up (1990)(Infogrames)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]
Porky (1987)(Dirk B.)
Postman Pat (1988)(Alternative Software)
Postman Pat 2 (1989)(Alternative Software)[t]
Postman Pat 3 - To the Rescue (1992)(Alternative Software)
Postman's Destiny (1989)(Markus Arens)
Potsworth & Co. (1992)(Hi-Tec Software)[cr JLCS]
Power Drift (1989)(Activision)[cr Two Mag][t Two Mag]
Power Tetris (1990)(A. Stroiczek)
Powerplay - Game of the Gods (1988)(Players Software)
Predator (1988)(Activision)[cr ACS]
Predator 2 (1991)(Image Works)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Prehistorik (1991)(Titus)[cr Two Mag][t Two Mag]
Prehistorik 2 (1993)(Titus)
Prince of Persia (1990)(Broderbund Software)
Prison Riot (1990)(Players Premier Software)[cr NPS][t NPS]
Prize, The (1985)(Arcade Software - Amsoft)
Pro Boxing Simulator (1990)(Codemasters)[cr CBS]
Pro Golf Simulator (1990)(Codemasters)
Pro Mountain Bike Simulator (1989)(Alternative Software)[cr NPS]
Pro Power Boat Simulator (1989)(Codemasters)[cr JLCS]
Pro Skateboard Simulator (1989)(Codemasters)[cr JP][t JP]
Pro Tennis Simulator (1990)(Codemasters)[cr Tom & Jerry]
Pro Tennis Tour (1990)(Ubi Soft)
Prodigy (1986)(Electric Dreams Software)
Profanation (1987)(Chip)[cr Two Mag]
Professional BMX Simulator - Standard (1988)(Codemasters Plus)[t]
Professional Ski Simulator (1987)(Codemasters)[t]
Professional Snooker Simulator (1987)(Codemasters)(M3)[cr NPS]
Progolf (1987)(Atlantis Software)
Project Future (1985)(Micromania)
Project-X - The Microman (1986)(Global Software)
Protector (1989)(Mastertronic Plus)[cr GPA]
Psyborg (1992)(Loriciels)[cr GPA]
Psycho City (1989)(Players Software)
Psycho Hopper (1989)(Mastertronic Plus)[cr Two Mag][t Two Mag]
Psycho Pig U.X.B. (1988)(US Gold)
Psycho Soldier (1988)(Imagine Software)[cr ACS][t ACS]
Pub Trivia (1989)(Codemasters)
Puffy's Saga (1989)(Ubi Soft)(Disk 1 of 2)[cpm version]
Pulsator (1988)(Martech Games)[t]
Pulsoid (1988)(Mastertronic)
Punch & Judy (1989)(Alternative Software)[cr Grees & Chany]
Punchy (1984)(Mr. Micro - Amsoft)
Punk Star (1988)(Iber Soft)
Purple Saturn Day (1989)(Exxos)[cr Two Mag]
Push (1995)(Eliot)
Puzznic (1990)(Ocean Software)[t +2]
Puzznix (19xx)(Fraggle)
Pyjamarama (1984)(Mikro-Gen - Amsoft)
Pyramydya (1985)(Bug-Byte Software)[cr PJM]
Q10 Tankbuster (1992)(Zeppelin Games)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Qabbalah (1986)(Amsoft)
Quack a Jack (1984)(Amsoft)
Quadrant (1993)(Sleepwalker PD)
Quad-X (1991)(E. Spicer)
Quad-X2 - Crash (1991)(E. Spicer)
Quarters (19xx)(-)
Quartet (1987)(Activision)[cr Mc Spe]
Quest for the Golden Eggcup, The (1988)(Mastertronic)
Quest for the Mindstone (1986)(The Edge Software)[cr Pynard]
Question of Sport, A (1989)(Elite Systems)[cr GPA]
Questor (1986)(Cascade Games)
Questprobe 3 - The Human Torch and The Thing (1985)(Adventure International)
Quick Draw McGraw (1991)(Hi-Tec Software)[cr Tom & Jerry][t Tom & Jerry]
R.B.I. 2 Baseball (1991)(Domark)
R.E.M. (1986)(P.L. Thomas - B.M. Burrows)
Race Against Time, The (1988)(Codemasters Plus)
Race, The (1990)(Players Premier Software)[cr GPA][t GPA]
Rad Ramp Racer (1990)(Mastertronic Plus)[cr GPA]
Radius (1987)(Players Software)
Radzone (1986)(Dave Rogers - Colin Hogg)
Rainbow Islands - The Story of Bubble Bobble 2 (1990)(Ocean Software)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Ralf 2 (19xx)(-)
Rally Cross (1989)(Anco Software)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Rally Driver (1984)(Hill MacGibbon)[cr NPS][t +2 NPS]
Rally II (1985)(Loriciels - Amsoft)
Rally Simulator (1988)(Zeppelin Games)[cr Tom & Jerry]
Rambo - First Blood Part II (1986)(Ocean Software)
Rambo III (1988)(Ocean Software)[cr CACH]
Rampage (1988)(Activision)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Ramparts (1988)(Go!)[cr Mc Spe]
Rana Rama (1987)(Hewson Consultants)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Rasputin (1986)(Firebird Software)[t]
Rastan (1988)(Imagine Software)[t +2]
Raster Runner (1990)(Mastertronic Plus)[cr CBS]
Rasterscan (1987)(Mastertronic)
RC Quest (1993)(Moving Pixels)
Real Ghostbusters, The (1989)(Activision)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr Kev]
Real Stunt Experts, The (1989)(Alternative Software)[cr GPA]
Realm (19xx)(Firebird Software)
Rebel Planet (1986)(US Gold)
Reckless Rufus (1992)(Alternative Software)
Red Arrows (1985)(Database Software)
Red Heat (1989)(Ocean Software)[cr NPS][t +3 NPS]
Red L.E.D. (1987)(Starlight Software)[cr Mc Spe]
Redhawk (1986)(Melbourne House)
Redhawk II - Kwah! (1986)(Melbourne House)
Reflex (1987)(Players Software)
Renegade (1985)(Kuma Computers)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Renegade (1987)(Imagine Software)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Renegade II - Target Renegade (1988)(Imagine Software)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]
Renegade III - The Final Chapter (1989)(Imagine Software)[cr Micro Mirage]
Rescue from Atlantis (1992)(Summit Software)[cr GPA][t +4 GPA]
Rescue on Fractalus (1986)(Activision)
Return to Oz (1986)(US Gold)
Reveal (1988)(Mastertronic)
Revenge on the C5 (1986)(Atlantis Software)
Revolution (1986)(US Gold)
Revolver (1990)(Alternative Software)[cr NPS][t NPS]
Rex (1988)(Martech Games)
Rick Dangerous (1989)(Firebird Software)[cr Les Cafes Kids Crackers]
Rick Dangerous II (1990)(Micro Style)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]
Rick the Roadie (1988)(Alternative Software)
Ricochet (1987)(Firebird Software)
Riding the Rapids (1987)(Players Software)
Rig Attack (1985)(Tynesoft)
Rigel's Revenge (1987)(Bulldog)[cr Section Jaguar]
Rik the Roadie (1988)(Alternative Software)
Ring of Darkness, The (1985)(Wintersoft)
River Race (1987)(V. Gabriel)
Road Blasters (1988)(US Gold)
Road Runner (1985)(US Gold)
Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote (1991)(Hi-Tec Software)[cr GPA]
Road Toad (1986)(Graham Tyson)[t]
Robbbot (1986)(ERE Informatique)(M3)
Robin Hood - Legend Quest (1993)(Codemasters)[t]
Robin of Sherlock (1986)(CRL Group)
Robin of Sherwood - The Touchstones of Rhiannon (1985)(Adventure International)
Robocide (19xx)(Asclepios Software)
Robocop (1988)(Ocean Software)[cr The Dog]
Robot Ron (19xx)(A-Team)
Robozone (1991)(Image Works)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]
Rocco (1985)(Gremlin Graphics Software)
Rock 'n Roll (1989)(Rainbow Arts)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Rock 'n Wrestle (1985)(Melbourne House)
Rock Raid (1985)(Kuma Computers)
Rock Run (19xx)(Chris Nixon)
Rockford (1988)(Mastertronic Added Dimension)[cr ACS]
Rocky Horror Show, The (1985)(CRL Group)
Rod-Land (1991)(Storm Software)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Rogue (1987)(Mastertronic)
Rogue Trooper (1986)(Piranha)[cr Double A]
Roland Ahoy! (1984)(Amsoft)
Roland Goes Digging (1984)(Amsoft)
Roland Goes Square Bashing (1984)(Amsoft)
Roland in Space (1984)(Amsoft)
Roland in the Caves (1984)(Indescomp - Amsoft)
Roland in the Haunted House (1986)(C. Wakelin)
Roland in Time (1986)(Amsoft)
Roland on the Ropes (1985)(Indescomp - Amsoft)[t +3]
Roland on the Run (1984)(Amsoft)
Rollaround (1988)(Mastertronic)[t +2]
Rolling Thunder (1988)(US Gold)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Roog (1990)(Simon Avery)
Room Ten (1986)(CRL Group)
Roulette (19xx)(R. Pearce)
Royal Quest, The (1984)(Timeslip Software)
R-Type (1988)(Electric Dreams Software)
Ruff and Reddy in The Space Adventure (1990)(Hi-Tec Software)[cr CBS]
Rugby Boss (1989)(Alternative Software)
Run for Gold (1985)(Hill MacGibbon)
Run the Gauntlet (1989)(Ocean Software)
Runestone (1986)(Firebird Software)
Running Man, The (1989)(Grandslam Entertainments)(Disk 1 of 2)
Rygar (1987)(US Gold)[cr Two Mag][t Two Mag]
S.D.I. - Strategic Defence Initiative (1988)(Activision)[t]
S.M.A.S.H.E.D. (1987)(Alternative Software)
S.O.S. Ovoides (1986)(Andromeda Software)[t]
Sabotage (1988)(Zeppelin Games)
Saboteur (1986)(Durell Software)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]
Saboteur II - Avenging Angel (1987)(Durell Software)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]
Sabre Wulf (1984)(Ultimate Play The Game)[t]
Sacred Armour of Antiriad, The (1986)(Palace Software)[t +2]
Saga of Erik the Viking, The (1984)(Mosaic Publishing)
Sai Combat (1986)(Mirrorsoft)
Saigon Combat Unit (1989)(Players Premier Software)[cr NPS][t +2 NPS]
Sailing (1987)(Activision)
Saint and Greavsie (1989)(Grandslam Entertainments)[cpm version]
Saint Dragon (1990)(Storm Software)[cr NPS][t NPS]
Salamander (1988)(Konami)[cr Exocet]
Samantha Fox Strip Poker (1986)(Martech Games)
Samurai (1990)(Black System)
Samurai Trilogy (1987)(Gremlin Graphics Software)(Disk 1 of 2)[cpm version]
Samurai Warrior - The Battles of Usaji Yojimbo (1988)(Firebird Software)[t]
Sandman, The (1995)(TGS-CRT)(Disk 1 of 4)
Santa's Christmas Capers (1991)(Zeppelin Games)[t]
Saracen (1987)(US Gold)[t +2]
SAS Combat Simulator (1988)(Codemasters)[cr Section Jaguar][t Section Jaguar]
Satan (1989)(Dinamic Software)[t +2]
Satelite Warrior (1985)(Amsoft)
Savage (1988)(Firebird Software)[cr NPS]
Scalextric (1987)(Leisure Genius - Amsoft)
Scapeghost (1989)(Level 9 Computing)(Disk 1 of 2)
Scary Tales (1985)(Richard Robinson)
Scooby Doo (1986)(Elite Systems)[cr C&G]
Scooby Doo and Scrappy Doo (1991)(Hi-Tec Software)[cr Genesis][t Genesis]
Scout Steps Out (1985)(Amsoft)
Scramble (19xx)(-)
Scramble Spirits (1990)(Grandslam Entertainments)[cr GPA][t GPA]
Screwball (1986)(Blue Ribbon Software)
Scruples (1987)(Leisure Genius)(Disk 1 of 2)
Scuba Kidz (1989)(Silverbird Software)
Search for Largo Grann, The (1987)(K. Moss)
Seas of Blood (1985)(Adventure International)
Seastalker (1984)(Infocom)[cpm version]
Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, The (1985)(Mosaic Publishing)
Secret of Bastor Manor, The (19xx)(Gameworx Software)
Secrets of Ur, The (19xx)(Bill Clews)
Senso (1992)(Fraggle)
Sentinel, The (1987)(Firebird Software)
Sepulcri (1986)(Ariolasoft UK)[t +2]
Sergeant Seymour Robotcop (1992)(Codemasters)[cr The Equalizor]
Serpend Madness (1985)(SC)
Seymor - Take One (1991)(Codemasters)
Seymour - Take One! (1991)(Codemasters - Amstrad Action Magazine)
Seymour at the Movies (1991)(Codemasters)[cr The Equalizor][CPC 6128]
Shacklea (1988)(US Gold)
Shadow Dancer (1991)(US Gold)[cr Crackponx][t +2 Crackponx]
Shadow of the Bear, The (1985)(AA Software)
Shadow of the Beast (1990)(Gremlin Graphics Software)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Shadow Skimmer (1987)(The Edge Software)[cr Saturn-Soft]
Shadow Warriors (1990)(Ocean Software)
Shadowfire (1985)(Beyond Software)
Shanghai (1988)(Activision)
Shanghai Karate (1988)(Players Software)[cr Section Jaguar]
Shanghai Warriors (1989)(Players Software)[cr Black Mission][t +2 Black Mission]
Shao-Lin's Road (1987)(The Edge Software)[cr The Crack'ers Beuh L'1]
Shard of Inovar (1987)(Bulldog)[cr Mc Spe]
Shark (1989)(Players Premier Software)[t]
Sharkey's Moll (1991)(Zeppelin Games)[cr GPA][t GPA]
Shinobi (1989)(Virgin Games)[cr XOR][t +3 XOR]
Shockway Rider (1987)(Faster Than Light)[cr NPS][t +2 NPS]
Shoe People, The (1992)(Gremlin Graphics Software)[cr Two Mag][t Two Mag]
Shogun (1986)(Virgin Games)
Shoot (1990)(Black System)
Short Circuit (1987)(Ocean Software)
Short's Fuse (1985)(Firebird Software)
Shove a Sledge (1987)(Gremlin Graphics Software)
Shufflepuck Cafe (1989)(Broderbund Software)
Side Arms (1988)(Go!)
Sideral War (1990)(Delta Software)
Sidewalk (1987)(Infogrames)
Sigma 7 (1987)(Durell Software)
Silent Service (1986)(Microprose Software)
Silicon Dreams Trilogy I - Snowball (1983)(Level 9 Computing)
Silicon Dreams Trilogy II - Return to Eden (1984)(Level 9 Computing)
Silicon Dreams Trilogy III - The Worm in Paradise (1985)(Level 9 Computing)
Silkworm (1989)(Virgin Games)[cr Two Mag][t Two Mag]
Sim City (1989)(Infogrames)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Simon (19xx)(-)
Simpsons - Bart vs the Space Mutants (1991)(Ocean Software)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr Genesis][t Genesis]
Sir Lancelot (1984)(Melbourne House)
Sirwood (1990)(Opera Soft)[cr Tiger Soft]
Skate Crazy (1988)(Gremlin Graphics Software)
Skate or Die (1989)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 1 of 2)
Skate War (1989)(Ubi Soft)
Skateboard Joust (1989)(Silverbird Software)[t]
Skatin' USA (1990)(Atlantis Software)[t +4]
Skull & Crossbones (1991)(Domark)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Skyfox (1985)(Ariolasoft UK)
Skywar (1992)(Tropic War)
Slaine - The Celtic Barbarian (1987)(Martech Games)[cr Mc Spe]
Slap Fight (1987)(Imagine Software)[t]
Slapshot (1985)(Anirog Software)
Sliders (1991)(Microids)
Slightly Magic (1991)(Codemasters)[cr The Equalizor]
Slug (1988)(Alternative Software)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]
Sly Spy - Secret Agent (1990)(Ocean Software)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]
Smash (19xx)(Gees)
Smash TV (1991)(Ocean Software)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Smiley Affair, The (1993)(M. Dowse)
Smirking Horror, The (1991)(WoW Software)
Smugglers Cove (1985)(Camel Software)[b overflow]
Snakes and Hazards (1987)(Gremlin Graphics Software)
Snoball in Hell (1989)(Atlantis Software)[t]
Snodgits! (1985)(Creative Sparks)
Snooker (1984)(Amsoft)
Snoopy and Peanuts (1989)(The Edge Software)
Snowstrike (1991)(US Gold)
Soccer 86 (1985)(Loriciels)
Soccer Challenge (1990)(Alternative Software)
Soccer Director (1990)(G.T.I. Software)
Soccer Pinball (1992)(Codemasters)[t]
Solar Coaster (1987)(Optyx)
Solar Empire (1990)(Players Premier Software)
Solar Invasion (1989)(Mastertronic)
Solo (1989)(Opera Soft)[cr GPA][gunstick]
Solomon's Key (1987)(US Gold)
Solomon's Key 3 v1.0 (1994)(Acid Team)[cr Epsilon]
Sonic Boom (1990)(Activision)
Sooty and Sweep (1990)(Alternative Software)[cr Black Mission]
Sorcerer (1984)(Infocom)[cpm version]
Sorcery (1985)(Virgin Games)[t +4]
Sorcery+ (1985)(Virgin Games - Amsoft)
Souls of Darkon (1985)(Mastertronic)
Southern Belle (1985)(Hewson Consultants)
Soviet (1990)(Opera Soft)[cr Kino & Hufo]
Space Ace (1987)(Players Software)
Space Duell (1990)(Andreas Stroiczek)
Space Froggy (1990)(Glency Software)
Space Froggy 2 (19xx)(Gary Scott)
Space Harrier (1986)(Elite Systems)[t]
Space Harrier II (1990)(Grandslam Entertainments)[cr GPA][t GPA]
Space Hawks (1984)(Durell Software - Amsoft)
Space Invaders (19xx)(Auntie John)
Space Mania (19xx)(-)
Space Mazes (1991)(David Lefranc)[t]
Space Rider - Jet Pack Co. (1990)(Hi-Tec Software)
Space Shuttle - A Journey into Space (1986)(Activision)
Space Taxi (1987)(Elmsoft Game-Service)
Space Thief (19xx)(R.O.S. Soft)
Spaced Out (1987)(Firebird Software)
Spaced-Out (1990)(Simon Avery)(PD)
Spagetthi Western Simulator (1990)(Zeppelin Games)[cr GPA]
Spanner Man (1984)(Amsoft)
Sparse Invaders (1986)(Ifie)
Special Operations (1984)(MC Lothlorien)
Speed King (1986)(Mastertronic)
Speedzone (1988)(Mastertronic)[t]
Spellbound (1985)(Mastertronic Added Dimension)[t +2]
Spellbreaker (1985)(Infocom)[cpm version]
Spherical (1989)(Rainbow Arts)[cr GPA][t GPA]
Spiky Harold (1986)(Firebird Software)[t]
Spindizzy (1986)(Electric Dreams Software)[t]
Spindrone (1988)(Atlantis Software)
Spitfire '40 (1985)(Mirrorsoft)[cr The Happy Cracker]
Spitting Image (1988)(Domark)[t]
Splat! (1985)(Incentive Software - Amsoft)
Splatch! (1985)(Robosoft)[t +3]
Split Personalities (1986)(Domark)[cr SAS Soft]
Spooked (1989)(Players Premier Software)[cr GPA]
Spooky Castle (1991)(Atlantis Software)
Sport (1989)(Black System)
Sport of Kings (1986)(Mastertronic Added Dimension)
Spots (1993)(Jaysoft)
Spots 94 (1994)(Jaysoft)
Spy Hunter (1986)(Amsoft)
Spy vs Spy (1985)(Beyond Software)
Spy vs Spy II - The Island Caper (1987)(Databyte)
Spy vs Spy III - Arctic Antics (1988)(Databyte)[cr Max of CBS!]
Spy-Trek Adventure (1987)(Americana Software)
Sram (1986)(ERE Informatique)(M3)(Disk 1 of 2)
Stack 'n' Smile (19xx)(Nicholas Campbell)
Stainless Steel (1986)(Mikro-Gen)[t]
Stairway to Hell (1986)(Software invasion)
Star Avenger (1984)(Kuma Computers)
Star Bores (1988)(Neutrino Software)[cpm version]
Star Commando (1984)(Docimodus)
Star Control (1991)(Accolade)[cr The Spanish Hacker]
Star Driver (1994)(Radical Software)[t]
Star Firebirds (1986)(Insight Software)
Star Raiders II (1987)(Electric Dreams Software)
Star Ranger (1986)(Tynesoft)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Star Trooper (1988)(R. Lever)[t +2]
Star Wars (1987)(Domark)
Star Wars Droids (1988)(Mastertronic Added Dimension)
Star Wars II - The Empire Strikes Back (1988)(Domark)
Star Wars III - Return of the Jedi (1989)(Domark)[cr ACE]
Star Wreck (1987)(Alternative Software)
Starcross (1982)(Infocom)[cpm version]
Starfox (1987)(Reaktor)
Starglider (1986)(Rainbird Software)[t +4]
Starion (1985)(Melbourne House)
Starquake (1986)(Bubblebus Software)[t]
Starstrike II (1986)(Realtime Games Software)
Stationfall (1987)(Infocom)[cpm version]
Steel Eagle (1990)(Players Premier Software)[cr Tom & Jerry][t Tom & Jerry]
Steve Davis Snooker (1985)(Blue Ribbon Software)
Steve Mc Queen Westphaser (1992)(Loriciels)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]
Stifflip & Co. (1987)(Palace Software)
Stock Exchange (1987)(Top Ten Software)
Stockmarket (1985)(Argus Press Software - Amsoft)
Stomp (1985)(DK'Tronics)
Stop Ball (1987)(Dro Soft)
Storm (1986)(Mastertronic)[t]
Storm II - The Fear (1987)(Mastertronic Added Dimension)[t]
Storm Warrior (1988)(Elite Systems)[cr NPS][t NPS]
Stormbringer (1987)(Mastertronic Added Dimension)[t +2]
Stormlord (1989)(Hewson Consultants)[t +3]
Stormlord II - Deliverance (1990)(Hewson Consultants)[cr Aragorn]
Strangeloop+ (1986)(Virgin Games - Amsoft)
Streaker (1987)(Bulldog)
Street Fighter (1988)(Go!)[cr TB Crackers][t TB Crackers]
Street Gang (1988)(Time Warp Productions)[cr NPS][t +2 NPS]
Street Gang Football (1989)(Codemasters)
Street Hawk (1986)(Ocean Software)
Street Machine (1987)(Codemasters)
Stretcher 2 - Mr. Line's Revenge (1992)(Pipeline Software)
Strider (1989)(US Gold)[cr ACE][t ACE]
Strider 2 (1990)(US Gold)[cr Two Mag][t Two Mag]
Strike Force Cobra (1986)(Piranha)
Strike Force Harrier (1986)(Mirrorsoft)
Strike Force SAS (1987)(Mikro-Gen)
Strike! (1987)(Mastertronic Added Dimension)
Strip Poker II+ (1988)(Anco Software)[cr The Dog]
Stryker - In the Crypts of Trogan (1992)(Codemasters)
Stunt Bike Simulator (1988)(Silverbird Software)[t]
Stunt Car Racer (1989)(Micro Style)[extended version]
Stunt Man Seymour (1992)(Codemasters)[cr GPA]
Subbuteo - The Computer Game (1990)(Electronic Zoo)[cr CBS]
Subsunk (1985)(Firebird Software)
Subsunk II - Seabase Delta (1985)(Firebird Software)
Subterranean Stryker (1985)(Insight Software - Amsoft)
Subway Vigilante (1989)(Players Premier Software)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]
Suicide Squad (1987)(Thiel Brothers)
Sultan's Maze (1984)(Amsoft)
Summer Games (1988)(US Gold)
Summer Games 2 (1989)(US Gold)(Disk 1 of 2)
Sun Star (1987)(CRL Group)
Super Cars (1990)(Gremlin Graphics Software)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Super Cauldron (1992)(Titus)
Super Cycle (1987)(US Gold)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Super Gran (1985)(Tynesoft)
Super Hang-On (1986)(Electric Dreams Software)
Super Hero (1988)(Codemasters)[cr NPS][t NPS]
Super Monaco GP (1991)(US Gold)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Super Pac (1987)(Wer-Soft)
Super Pipeline II (1985)(Taskset - Amsoft)[t +4]
Super Robin Hood (1986)(Codemasters)[cr NPS][t NPS]
Super Sam (1985)(Budgie Budget Software)
Super Scramble Simulator (1989)(Gremlin Graphics Software)
Super Seymour Saves the Planet (1991)(Codemasters)[cr JLCS]
Super Skweek (1991)(Loriciels)[cr Kino & Kufo]
Super Soccer (1987)(Imagine Software)
Super Space Invaders (1991)(Domark)[cr Genesis][t Genesis]
Super Sports - The Olympic Challenge (1988)(Gremlin Graphics Software)[cr Genesis][t Genesis]
Super Sprint (1987)(Activision)[cr ACE]
Super Stock Car (1990)(Mastertronic Plus)[cr Tom & Jerry]
Super Stuntman (1988)(Codemasters)[cr NPS][t +3 NPS]
Super Tank Simulator (1989)(Codemasters)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Super Ted - The Search for Spot (1990)(Alternative Software)[cr GPA]
Super Tetris (1997)(Frequency)
Super Trolley (1988)(Mastertronic)[cr ACS]
Super Trux (1988)(Elite Systems)[cr Exocet]
Super Wonderboy in Monster Land (1989)(Activision)(Disk 1 of 2)
Superchess (1984)(CP Software)
Superkid (1990)(Atlantis Software)
Superkid in Space (1991)(Atlantis Software)[t +5]
Superman - The Game (1985)(Firebird Software)
Superman - The Man of Steel (1989)(Tynesoft)[cr NPS]
Superstition Part 1 - Tulgey Woods (1989)(Len Townsend)
Supper-Puzzle (1987)(Logipresse)
Survivor (1987)(Topo Soft)
Survivor, The (1984)(Anirog Software)
Survivors (1988)(Atlantis Software)[t +4]
Suspect (1984)(Infocom)[cpm version]
Suspended (1983)(Infocom)[cpm version]
Swap (1992)(Fraggle)
Sweevo's World (1986)(Gargoyle Games)[t]
Switchblade (1991)(Gremlin Graphics Software)
SWIV (1991)(Storm Software)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Swop (1992)(Delphin)[cr XOR]
Sword of the Samurai (1992)(Zeppelin Games)[cr NUL][t +2 NUL]
Sword Slayer (1988)(Players Software)[cr GPA][t GPA]
Swords & Sorcery (1985)(PSS)
Syntax (1988)(Blue Ribbon Software)[cr NPS][t NPS]
T.L.L. - Tornado Low Level (1985)(Vortex Software)[t +3]
Table Football (1987)(Budgie Budget Software)
Tai-Pan (1987)(Ocean Software)
Tales of the Arabian Nights (1985)(Interceptor Micros Software)
Talisman of Power, The (1991)(Chris Bury)
Tanium (1988)(Players Software)[t]
Tank (1987)(Ocean Software)[t]
Tank Busters (19xx)(Design Design Software)
Tank Command (1986)(Amsoft)
Tapper (1986)(Amsoft)
Target Ball (1989)(R.O.S. Soft)
Tarzan (1986)(Martech Games)
Task Force (1989)(Players Premier Software)[cr NPS][t +2 NPS]
Tau Ceti - Special Edition (1986)(CRL Group)
Tau Ceti (1986)(CRL Group)
T-Bird (1989)(Mastertronic Plus)[cr Abacus]
Technician Ted (1984)(Hewson Consultants)
Techno-Cop (1988)(Gremlin Graphics Software)
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles - The Coin-Op (1991)(Image Works)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr CBS]
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (1990)(Image Works)[cr NPS][t +2 NPS]
Teenage Queen (1988)(ERE Informatique)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Tempest (1987)(Electric Dreams Software)[cr Falco]
Tensions (1986)(ERE Informatique)(M3)
Terminator 2 - Judgement Day (1991)(Ocean Software)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Terminus - The Prison Planet (1986)(Mastertronic Added Dimension)
Terra Cognita (1986)(Codemasters)
Terramex (1988)(Grandslam Entertainments)
Terror of the Deep (1987)(Mirrorsoft)[cr A.W. Soft]
Terrormolinos (1985)(Melbourne House)
Terrorpods (1989)(Melbourne House)
Test Drive II - The Duel (1989)(Accolade)(Disk 1 of 2)
Test Match (1985)(CRL Group)
Tetris (1987)(Mirrorsoft)
Tetris (1990)(Poesy)
Tetris 2 (1991)(Abacus)
Tetris '95 v1.0 (1995)(Power System)
Tetrix (1989)(Playfield)
Thai Boxing (1986)(Anco Software)
Thanatos (1986)(Durell Software)[cr The Happy Cracker]
Theseus (1986)(50-50 Club Software)
They Stole a Million (1986)(39 Steps)
Thing Bounces Back (1987)(Gremlin Graphics Software)[cr NCrack'r]
Thing on a Spring (1990)(Gremlin Graphics Software)
Thing! (1988)(Players Software)
Thingy and the Doodahs (1987)(M. Smith)[cr ACS]
Think! (1985)(Ariolasoft UK)
Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends (1991)(Alternative Software)
Thomas the Tank Engine's Fun with Words (1990)(Britt Allcroft Thomas)
Three Weeks in Paradise (1985)(Mikro-Gen)
Throne of Fire (1987)(Melbourne House)[cr Redpoint]
Through the Trap Door (1987)(Piranha)
Thrust (1986)(Firebird Software)[t]
Thrust II (1987)(Firebird Software)[t +5]
Thunder Blade (1988)(US Gold)[cr Mc Spe][t Mc Spe]
Thunder Burner (1991)(Loriciels)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Thunder Jaws (1991)(Domark)[cr Genesis][t Genesis]
Thunder Zone (1987)(Firebird Software)
Thunderbirds (1989)(Grandslam Entertainments)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr Jupiter]
Thundercats (1987)(Elite Systems)[cr Aragorn][t Aragorn]
Tiddly Drinks (1987)(Gremlin Graphics Software)
Tiger Road (1988)(Go!)
Time (1985)(Rainbow Arts)
Time and Magik Trilogy I - Lords of Time (1986)(Level 9 Computing)
Time and Magik Trilogy II - Red Moon (1986)(Level 9 Computing)
Time and Magik Trilogy III - The Price of Magik (1986)(Level 9 Computing)
Time Machine (1990)(Activision)
Time Scanner (1989)(Activision)[cr Two Mag][t Two Mag]
Time Trax (1986)(Mind Games)
Timelord (1985)(Alpha Omega Software)
Times of Lore (1988)(Origin Software)(Disk 1 of 2)
Tintin on the Moon (1989)(Infogrames)[cr Genesis]
Tiny Skweeks, The (1991)(Loriciels)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]
Tir Na Nog (1984)(Gargoyle Games)
Titan (1988)(Titus)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Titanic Blinky (1992)(Zeppelin Games)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]
Titus the Fox (1992)(Titus)[cr NPS][t NPS]
Tizpan - Saviour of the Jungle (1990)(Simon Avery)
Toad Runner (1986)(Ariolasoft UK)
Tobruk 1942 (1987)(PSS)[cr ACE]
Tom & Jerry (1989)(Magic Bytes)[cr ICO]
Tomahawk (1986)(Digital Integration)(M3)
Tomb of Kuslak, The (1985)(Intrigue Software)
Tombstowne (1985)(Amsoft)
Tomcat (1989)(Players Software)[t]
Tomy en el Slalom (1987)(-)
Toobin' (1989)(Domark)[cr Two Mag][t Two Mag]
Top Cat in Beverly Hills Cats (1991)(Hi-Tec Software)[t +2]
Top Gun (1986)(Ocean Software)
Total Eclipse (1988)(Incentive Software)
Total Eclipse II - The Sphinx Jinx (1991)(Incentive Software)
Total Recall (1991)(Ocean Software)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Touch Down USA (19xx)(WRM)
Town in Fear and Panic (1985)(-)
Toyota Celica GT Rally (1991)(Gremlin Graphics Software)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Tracer (1988)(T. Brungs)
Track and Field (1988)(Ocean Software)
Track Suit Manager (1988)(Goliath Games)
Trader Joe (19xx)(Ozzard)
Traffic (1985)(Andromeda Software - Amsoft)
Trailblazer (1986)(Gremlin Graphics Software)
Trailblazer+ (1986)(Gremlin Graphics Software)
Train, The - Escape to Normandy (1988)(Electronic Arts)
Trakers (1991)(Cybervision)
Trance (1989)(M. Remon)
Trans Muter (1987)(Codemasters)[t]
Trans-Atlantic Balloon Challenge (1987)(Virgin Games)
Trantor - The Last Stormtrooper (1987)(Go!)
Trap (1987)(Alligata Software)
Trap Door, The (1986)(Piranha)
Trashman (1986)(Virgin Games)
Traveller, The (19xx)(Amstrad Action Magazine)
Trial of Arnold Blackwood, The (1984)(Nemesis)
Triaxos (1987)(39 Steps)
Tribble Trouble (1985)(Mr. Micro - Amsoft)
Trigger (1989)(Opera Soft)[cr GPA][gunstick]
Trik Trak (1987)(Wave Software)
Tripods, The (1984)(Red Shift)
Trivia (1985)(Anirog Software)
Trivial Pursuit - Baby Boomer Edition (1986)(Domark)(Disk 1 of 2)
Trivial Pursuit - Genus Edition (1986)(Domark)(Disk 1 of 2)
Trivial Pursuit II - A New Beginning (1988)(Domark)(Disk 1 of 2)
Triviation (19xx)(Robot PD)
Troll (1988)(US Gold)
Trollie Wallie (1986)(Players Software)
Tron (1989)(Silly Soft)
Trouble in Space (1988)(Markus Arens)
TT Racer (1986)(Digital Integration)
Tubaruba (1987)(Firebird Software)[t +2]
Tujad (1986)(Ariolasoft UK)
Tuma 7 (1990)(Delta Software)[cr Kino & Hufo]
Turbo Boat Simulator (1988)(Silverbird Software)[t +3]
Turbo Chopper (1989)(Codemasters)[cr GPA][t +2 GPA]
Turbo Esprit (1986)(Durell Software)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Turbo Kart Racer (1991)(Players Software)
Turbo Out Run (1990)(US Gold)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr NPS][t NPS]
Turbo the Tortoise (1992)(Codemasters)[cr GPA][t GPA]
Turbo-Pacman (19xx)(-)
Turf-Form (1988)(Blue Ribbon Software)
Turrican (1990)(Rainbow Arts)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Turrican II - The Final Fight (1991)(Rainbow Arts)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr Genesis][t Genesis]
Tusker (1989)(System 3 Software)
Tut's Pyramid (1986)(Artic Computing)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Twice Shy (1986)(Mosaic Publishing)
Twin Turbo V8 (1989)(Codemasters)[cr Genesis][t Genesis]
Twin World (1990)(Ubi Soft)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]
Twins (1991)(Black System)[t +2]
Typhoon (1988)(Steve Lamb)[cr ACS]
Uchi Mata (1987)(Martech Games)[cr Nullos Cracker]
Ulises (1989)(Opera Soft)[t]
Ultima Ratio (1987)(Firebird Software)[t]
Ultimate Tetris - The Preview v1.0 (1994)(Dreadnought)
UN Squadron (1990)(US Gold)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]
Unitrax (1987)(Streetwise)[cr Mc Spe]
Untouchables, The (1989)(Ocean Software)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]
Uridium (1987)(Hewson Consultants)[cr NPS][t NPS]
V - The Visitors (1986)(Ocean Software)
Vagan Attack (1985)(John Green)
Vampire Killer (1984)(Scorpio Gamesworld)
Vector Ball (1988)(Mastertronic Added Dimension)
Vendetta (1990)(System 3 Software)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr Hufo & Kino]
Venom (1988)(Mastertronic)
Vera Cruz Affair, The (1985)(Infogrames)
Very Big Cave Adventure, The (1986)(CRL Group)
Victory Road (1988)(Imagine Software)[cr Celtic Gang]
Video Card Arcade (1988)(Blue Ribbon Software)
Video Poker (1986)(Entertainment USA)
Vigilante (1989)(US Gold)[cr Two Mag][t Two Mag]
Vikings (1986)(Kele Line)
Village of Lost Souls (1987)(Robico Software)
Village of Sharpley (19xx)(-)
Vindicator, The (1988)(Imagine Software)[cr Two Mag][t Two Mag]
Vindicators (1989)(Domark)[cr GPA][t GPA]
Virgin Atlantic Challenge (1986)(Virgin Games)
Visitor from Space, A (1984)(Lucas, Steve W.)
Vixen (1988)(Martech Games)[cr Genesis][t Genesis]
Viz - The Computer Game (1991)(Virgin Games)(Disk 1 of 2)
Voodoo Rage (1986)(Remote)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR]
Wacky Darts (1992)(Codemasters)
Wacky Orchard (1985)(Philsoft)
Wacky Races (1992)(Hi-Tec Software)[cr NPS][t +3 NPS]
Wanderer (1989)(Elite Systems)[cr CACH]
War (1986)(Martech Games)[cr Nigel Cooke]
War Cars Construction Set (1987)(Firebird Software)
War in Middle Earth (1989)(Melbourne House)
War Machine (1989)(Players Premier Software)[cr GPA][t +4 GPA]
Warhawk (1988)(Firebird Software)[cr Section Jaguar]
Warlock (1987)(The Edge Software)
Warlord (1985)(Interceptor Micros Software)
Way of Exploding Fist, The (1985)(Melbourne House)
Way of the Tiger, The (1986)(Gremlin Graphics Software)
WEC Le Mans (1988)(Imagine Software)[t]
Weetabix vs the Titchies (1984)(Romik Software)
Well, The (1991)(E. Spicer)
Welladay (1990)(Simon Avery)
Welltris (1991)(Infogrames)[cr XOR]
Wembley Greyhounds (1989)(D&H Games)
Werewolves of London (1988)(Mastertronic)
West Bank (1985)(Dinamic Software)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Western Games (1988)(Magic Bytes)(Disk 1 of 2)[cpm version]
What IQ (1990)(Dave Andrews)
Who Dares Wins II (1986)(Alligata Software)
Who Said That (1994)(Shockersoft - Shimmer)
Who's Afraid of the Balrog (1993)(Amstrad Action Magazine)
Wibstars (1987)(A & F Software)
Wild Bunch, The (1985)(Firebird Software)
Wild Streets (1990)(Titus)[cr TB Crackers][t TB Crackers]
Wild West Seymour (1992)(Codemasters)[cr GPA]
Willow Pattern Adventure, The (1985)(Firebird Software)
Willy Wino's Stag Night (1988)(Silverbird Software)[cr ACS]
Winter Games (1986)(US Gold)(Disk 1 of 2)
Winter Olympics (1986)(Tynesoft)
Winter Sports (1985)(Electric Dreams Software)
Winter Wonderland (1987)(Incentive Software)
Wipeout (1990)(Mastertronic)
Wise and Fool of Arnold Blackwood, The (1984)(Nemesis)
Wishbringer (1985)(Infocom)[cpm version]
Witness, The (1983)(Infocom)
Wizard Warz (1988)(Go!)
Wizard Willy (1990)(Codemasters)[cr Maze Softs]
Wizard's Lair (1985)(Bubblebus Software)[t +3]
Wizball (1987)(Ocean Software)[cr Aragorn][t Aragorn]
Wiz-Biz (1987)(Alternative Software)
Wolfman (1988)(CRL Group)
Wombles, The (1990)(Alternative Software)
Wonderboy (1987)(Activision)
Wooky and Moty (1987)(CRL Group)
World Championship Boxing Manager (1990)(Goliath Games)[m3]
World Championship Soccer (1990)(Elite Systems)[cr GPA]
World Class Leadboard (1987)(US Gold)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr XOR]
World Class Rugby (1991)(Audiogenic Software)[cr XOR][t XOR]
World Cup Carnival Mexico 86 (1984)(US Gold)
World Games (1987)(US Gold)(Disk 1 of 2)
World Series Baseball (1985)(Imagine Software)
World Soccer (1990)(Zeppelin Games)
Worm Slickers (19xx)(Andreas Stroiczek)
Wrath of Olympus (1986)(Alpha Omega Software)
Wreckless Roger (1986)(Blaby Computer Games)
Wriggler (1985)(Romantic Robot UK)
Wulfpack (1988)(Blue Ribbon Software)
WWF Wrestlemania (1991)(Ocean Software)
Xanadu (1986)(-)
Xanagrams (1984)(Postern - Amsoft)[cr Caloundra Cracking]
Xarq (1986)(Activision)
Xcel (1986)(Tim Ansel - Greame Devine)
Xcontra (19xx)(-)
Xeno (1986)(A & F Software)
Xenon (1988)(Melbourne House)[cr Jorge & Jose Maria]
Xenophobe (1989)(Microstyle)[cr GPA][t GPA]
Xevious (1987)(US Gold)
XOR (1987)(Logotron)
X-Out (1990)(Rainbow Arts)[cr Reilan][t Reilan]
Xybots (1989)(Domark)[t]
Xyphoes Fantasy (1991)(Silmarils)(Disk 1 of 3)[cr XOR][t XOR]
Yabba Dabba Doo! (1985)(Quicksilva)
Yahtzee (19xx)(John Packham)
Yarkon Blues (1988)(Red Five Software)
Yes, Prime Minister (1987)(Mosaic Publishing)(Disk 1 of 2)
Yie Ar Kung-Fu (1985)(Imagine Software)
Yie Ar Kung-Fu II (1986)(Imagine Software)[cr Nut Cracker]
Yogi Bear (1987)(Piranha)[t]
Yogi Bear and Friends in The Greed Monster (1990)(Hi-Tec Software)[cr Tom & Jerry][t Tom & Jerry]
Yogi's Great Escape (1990)(Hi-Tec Software)[t +2]
Young Ones, The (1986)(Orpheus)
Z (1986)(Rino Software)
Zania (1985)(Myrddin)
Zap 't' Balls - The Advanced Edition (1992)(Elmsoft Game-Service)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr NPS]
Zap 't' Balls (1992)(Elmsoft Game-Service)
Zarkon (1987)(Budgie Budget Software)[cr Double Trouble]
Ziggurat (1987)(Reaktor)[cr ACS]
Zolyx (1988)(Firebird Software)[t]
Zone (1989)(Black System)[t GPA]
Zone 2 (1989)(Black System)
Zone Trooper (1988)(Cascade Games)[cr Section Jaguar]
Zorakk the Conqueror (1985)(Icon Software)
Zork I - The Great Underground Empire (1984)(Infocom)[cpm version]
Zork II - The Wizard of Frobozz (1984)(Infocom)[cpm version]
Zork III - The Dungeon Master (1984)(Infocom)[cpm version]
Zorro (1986)(US Gold)
Zox 2099 (1987)(Loriciels)
Zub (1986)(Mastertronic Added Dimension)
Zyclons (1992)(Wizcat)
Zynaps (1987)(Hewson Consultants)

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