Ever wanted to play your favourite retro games on the move? On the train? At work? Well now you can with a handheld device from Retropia!



The stylish RG351P comes with 36 different systems & 22,990 games. 


  • 128GB microSD card 

  • ArkOS & EmulationStation

  • 36 systems

  • 22,990 games

  • Volume control

  • Earphone jack

  • Adjustable screen brightness

  • 3.5" IPS screen 480x320 resolution

  • 6 hours battery life (variable on use)

  • USB charging cable

  • Wireless adapter

  • Dual analog sticks

  • Vibration/Rumble (for supported games)

  • Screen protector and WiFi dongle


  • Choose from 3 different colours

  • Beautiful user interface to browse games

  • Favourites list

  • Easy skip long games lists by letter

  • Artwork and video snaps for games

  • Video screensaver allowing you to instantly play the game you're watching!

  • Save/load game progress

  • USB port to connect peripherals such as a keyboard!

  • Mouse control with analog stick

*Whilst the majority of these systems games are playable with an on-screen virtual keyboard, there may be some games that are awkward to play or impossible to play if the game requires a lot of keyboard input. A real USB keyboard may be needed.

**These systems do not allow game saving

***Some games on this system may suffer from slowdown or performance issues due to the high demand on the device, but in most cases totally playable.

RG351P addon.png

An addon card is also available with 270 extra PS1 games!